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F1 fever is back !! The cars are all geared. The spectators are cheering. Wait a minute ? Am I at the right place ? Yes, it is the MINI exclusive sepang circuit race !

A truly memorable weekend for me. I arrived at Sepang circuit, tagged along myself in a Mini. Parked side by side … isn’t that an adorable sight?

Walking into the cockpit in Sepang circuit. There goes my first time .. my grand walk. The path was an eye opener. I witnessed the old and new Mini. Antique as it may seem, these mini can sure do a race !

Oblivious as I am to the world of mini, I stood by and stared at the minis urshered in after the race.

Lesson learnt on that day

  • Grrrooommmmm – this is the sound of a normal powered engine
  • Vroooooommmm – this is the sound of a TURBO powered engine

Moments after the antique minis completed their rounds, the new and stylish minis took their turns on the circuit. My jaw dropped, glowing in envy on the chic four wheels.

No idea who won the race tho.

This is dedicated to those who once lost in the war, called love.
Waiting For Your Call
Its a dark and lonely night
As I sat by myself
Listening to the radio
My one and only true friend

I sat waiting
Waiting for your call
For I miss all the times we shared
Especially your voice on the other line

Not a day goes by
That you’re not on my mind
It’s driving me crazy
I know it’s not right
I wondered to myself
Does she treats you right

Each night I pray
That your day is bright
You always be a friend
Even when you’re cool

All I have is hope
That one day you will realise
Friend, I never want to see you hurt
I wish for you the best of love
Still I’m not satisfied cause I miss you so ..

The crowd walks around impatiently. Hardly anymore seats available on the bench. I gushed by the automatic teller for my number. 2192, the number printed, sideline another number appeared 2098. “Gee, another 94 person before its my turn” I thought to myself.

How often does the above scenario happens to you in a bank, a post office or even any service industry with an automatic teller system ? What do you do ? Wait or walk away?

This is what I usually do.

I wait for the next number to appear ..2 seconds …if no one is in sight .. I look at my own slip….this is followed by a “dufus” look and a “slap” on my forehead .. then I walk hastily towards the counter. Make my transaction ..and walk away graciously.

I offended no one in the process .. I merely seized the opportunity. Try it the next time round you have 30+ odd numbers in queue. If you get beaten up, try to batter your eyes !

“Donkey!” Mind you, it’s doink ! Not donkey !

If you’ve wondered why/how my nick “doink” came about. Ponder no more. I’m taking the liberty to feed your curious mind.

It started 10 years back during my high school days, I enjoyed pouncing behind my friends like a crouching “Hobbes”. Somehow my girlfriends labeled my gestures with an acompanying sound effect “doink ..doink ..doink..”

I thought it was rather cute, rather me. I started using that nick in chatrooms, emails, IM ..practically anything online. Doink away …

“You’re such a flirt ! ” nudged my girlfriend. I looked at her, confused and feeling somewhat distraught with the accusation. “No, I’m not !” I shouted back defensively.

I think I’ve been known as a flirt by most of my girlfriends/boyfriends. A perception I refused to admit until recently.

Here’s how the story unfolds. I was chauffeuring one of my students to class early this week. It was a happy day for me; I mailed out all my greeting cards. I stopped at the traffic lights. I turned and looked at my student. I smiled. To my surprise, the student motioned her forefinger and middle finger at my eyes ! “Eek, what was that for ?” I enquired. The innocent 11 year old explained to me frankly .. I was “electrifying” her with my eyes.

I always believe that children gives out the best/worst compliments. There you have it. The next time, I batter my eyes at you. Please don’t mistaken that it was an intentional flirt and think highly of yourself. I’m Only A Natural.

I challenge you to punctuate the above subject.

You’ve got mail ! Surely, this sounds rather common to those who receives e-cards. I think I’m one of the dinasours who still prefers the old fashion way, hardcopy holiday greeting cards.
This year round, I came late on my delivery of greeting cards. I procastinated. My conscience creeped up two days back.

Finally, I gave myself a slap on the back and hit on the nearest bookstore to purchase my bulks of processed paper. To my utter dissapointment, I could not find any Deepavali cards ! There were plenty of packed Raya cards. The person behind the counter raised an eyebrow and said “this year limited Deepavali cards, stock habis”. I was not satisfied with the answer, determined to find my cards, I rushed to the next nearby hypermarket. I searched high and low, lucky for me .. I found one 10 packed cards lying on the display area.

It was rather quite funny, I had two workers helping me locate the packets of cards from the large bulk. As I was frantically tossing the cards all over the basket, I muffled, “nobody celebrates Deepavali, keh?”. The men looked at me, puzzled and speechless.

Albeit all the effort, I smiled to myself. Feeling gratified and content that I finally mailed my Raya and Deepavali cards today. If you received my card late, my sincere apologies. Next year round, I’ll kick my butt earlier. ;-)

Two weeks has passed by since I last saw the officer on Monday. I did obediently as instructed by the goverment officer, came to the goverment office for a follow-up. Dragged my father along just in case the officer requires any written/oral verification. Turns out, I just need to fill in a 10 page form. I completed a 8 page form 4 months back when I first sent in my application. The lengthy 10 page form seems to look rather similar to the one I filled in previously. “Paperless government” I thought to myself. Irony.

“Cik, boleh call besok untuk buat temujanji lawatan selanjutnya”, with that he left the table. I called consecutively for 2 weeks everyday. The officer is not to be seen or heard. “Dia keluar, call back lepas rehat”. Agony.

My father was not pleased with all these nonsense. He grumbled daily and reminded me to call the officer at every opportunity. I managed to locate the officer at 8:30 am on Tuesday morning. He shrugged and excused himself with a lame subject. We finally came to a concensus that I’ll call after raya. Hope.

This experiece has allowed me to view my father’s perception on equality in race. Why, you may ponder? The daily grumble details the better treatment, speedy processing time, in this case of point, for a Malay folk. Despite numerous occasions, I’ve heard from friends that the government service agents treat Malays better as compared to the Chinese and Indian ethnics, I refused to bend with the winds on that statement. Faith.

Colourful ribbons tied in piggy tail style. Abruptly stopped by the tall 12 year old prefect to remove the colours off my hair. I snotted unpleasantly while removing the bands. A distant laughter was heard …

Pretty much the memory of my first aquaintance with my best friend on the first day of school. The rest of the story unfolds itself throughout my life ..

Here’s a dedication to my best friend …Written 10 years ago, an updated version …

Friendship Between 2 Souls

20 years we’ve been together
Best friends, of course

From my heart
Thank you is all to you

You’ve been there for me
All the ups and downs

We’ve been though it all together
Some brings joy and some misery

We’ve cried, laughed over the same thing
Some struggles we’ve had

Solving it though we try
God been unfair, we know

But I thank God
For sending me a true best friend from Above

To guide me in this life
I know I’ve been mean

It’s hard to explain
Sorry seems to be the only word

Hoping I’m forgiven
Memories of joy

I’ll remain and treasure
Friendship Between Two Souls

I often ponder the very existence of my life in this world. I read a joke which reads “If one exist to help others, why the heck is there others in the world?”
I reckon hardly anyone stops to wonder ….their purpose in life. Everyone is too busy finding the right job, the right one, the perfect car, the biggest house. Its even too difficult to meet up with people who lives in the same neighbourhood.

It’ll be too late, one day to realise when you look in the mirror, you dont find yourself.