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Little Words to Live By
There is no justice in life, you just do your best with the deck you are dealt with and move on. Do not dwell too much on people who let you down when you might be meeting someone who appreciates you and cherish your friendship.

By: H.S. Kwong

Gender discrimination. Do you believe in gender equality ? I’m a firm believer. However, in certain job specifications, no doubt that gender is often considered before employment takes place. For an example, customer service or public relation positions are usually dominated by females. On the other hand, males generally hold up in higher management. There is of course, exceptions, so please don’t hold me to my words.

The above remark from a blogger provoked my curiosity; does gender matter in blogging ? Is it true that you tend to bend towards the opposite sex when it comes to reading a blog ? I would imagine that the content of the blog is the most crucial attraction and not the sex of the blogger.

Having stared at my visitor statistics weekly, I have yet to decipher my traffic flow in my blog. Heck, the numbers are too much for my simple mind. I’m doing what I can to attract and retain my visitors. Is my blog worthwhile your time reading ? There must be a reason why you’re returning to my blog:-

  • my contents are interesting
  • I’m a female

I like to feed my curiosity. I like to know what my visitor statistics can’t give me. Your sex.

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Little Words to Live By
Hearts may only love for a while,
feet may only walk for a mile,
but your friendship will always make me smile ..

Imagine this …. You woke up early in the morning, no breakfast ..dashed off to work ..stuck in a traffic jam. Only to arrive at the office car park and discover that your space has been taken. Frantically, you searched for the next available lot. Parked your vehicle, you then rushed to stamp your working card before the last minute hits the hour.

After the long 4 hours of slaving at work, you finally break for lunch. Dehydrated, dying of thirst and hunger … You run to the nearest food court .. only to discover trays of dead insects ! How appetising ! You pick the fattest, juiciest maggots and grasshoppies, slump them onto your plate of carbohydrate. Gobble down your meal. Head back to your cubicle and robotise yourself for another 4 hours !

Ok, you can now halt your imagination. I’m sorry that I’ve spoilt your appetite for lunch/dinner/supper. Note that the photos were blurred intentionally to fit the 18U requirements. Don’t point the finger at me if you have strong sense of decoding mechanism in figuring out the shoots taken.

The above scenario would probably happen if you are in Thailand. These “mouth watering” delicacies were taken when I was in Thailand. When was that ? Well, that’s for another post to come. For now, “enjoy” your meal.

Little Words to Live By
One day love and friendship met. Love asks friendship, “why do you exist when I already do?” friendship answers “to bring back smiles where you left tears”


Have you ever felt betrayed by a loved one; be it family or friend ? It is only natural to feel disappointed and hurt.

Truly, when the guilty party seeks for your mercy, you utter the sacred 3 words – I FORGIVE YOU. The truth is, how sincere can you be ?

Deep down inside when a scar is made, no matter how you patch things back ..the broken pieces is still shattered. No doubt, friends/family do get hurt once in a while but how much is too much ? I have no idea.

Life moves on, whether we act as cowards or heroes. Life has no other discipline to impose, if we would but realise it than to accept life unquestionably. Little do we know that everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny or despise, serves to defeat us in the end. What seems nasty, painful, evil can become a source of beauty, joy and strength, if faced with an open mind. Having said that, one may find it difficult to forgive when the heart still aches. Simple truth is, its easier to forget than to forgive.

I walked into the studio and saw many postings on the board. I was captivated with all the fine prints. I read each article with enthuthasim. If only we could apply all the wisdom in our daily engagements with children. What a beautiful world we can create for our tomorrow.

If children live with criticism
they learn to condemn

If children live with hostility
they learn to fight

If children live with ridicule
they learn to be shy

If children live with shame
they learn to feel guilty

If children live with tolerance
they learn to be patience

If children live with encouragement
they learn confidence

If children live with passion
they learn to appreciate

If children live with fairness
they learn justice

If children live with security
they learn to have faith

If children live with approval
they learn to be themselves

If children live with acceptance and friendship
they learn to find love in the world

Do you enjoy porn ? If you’re a male, don’t you dare say no. Don’t lie to yourself, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Pornography arouses the sexual desire for one and naturally provokes the act of masturbation. Masturbation is healthy. To name a few benefits :
  • it alleviates premenstrual tension for many women (say “No” to PMS)
  • is a healthy sexual outlet for people who choose to abstain from sex with partners or who do not currently have available sexual partners (No more lonely nights)
  • is a route to safer sex, to help prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV (save on condoms)
  • you get to know and be comfortable with your own body ( find your G-spot)
  • for women, it can help to learn how to achieve orgasm (practise makes perfect !)
  • for men, it can help to increase ejaculatory control and manage rapid or delayed ejaculation (trust me on this, your gal will really appreciate this !)
  • Help alleviate stress (cheapest stress relief tool)

Hang on to your urges and read on please ..

Masturbation is NOT healthy when you are aroused by child pornography. In this case, YOU ARE SICK ! I trust many of you are not sick people. Sadly, there are many sick man out there in the world and some traders earn their living through sexual abuse of children online.

This is a call to join a petition to stop the commercial viability of online child pornography. With your help, we can eradicate this evil trade. Show your support, light a candle at

NOTE: Please note the corrections in the below post in red. Apologies for the mistakes.

Could you please show me the tip-toe thingy ? Perhaps you may ask if I inform you that I WAS a ballet dancer. Yes, that was 10 years ago, where I did my “plies”, “tendu”, “rond de jambe”, and more mambo jumbo words, which I could throw in and confuse you … I’ll spare you the mercy.

I enjoyed my dancing years very much and I missed it alot. The grace on stage, the lovely dresses and not to mention the look on one’s face when I tell them I can stand on pointes. Occasionally, I get response like “what, you ballet ? can you, I mean, how .. with your *****?”

I jumped to the opportunity when my previous ballet instructor offered me to help out in the school’s concert. I am very excited, I won’t be dancing of course ! It’ll be a disgrace to the school if I did. It’s the joy of seeing little girls gracefully doing twirls on the wooden floor.

It’s a lovely picture I’m painting on ballet. It’s not all grand. Dancers have to endure the blisters and sore feet after each lessons due to pointes. My ten toes used to be plastered 24 hours and wearing heels would make me look like an alien. It’s all worthwhile. No regrets that I have ugly toes.

If you appreciate ballet dancing, I offer you the opportunity to enjoy the concert. Details as below.

Date : 9th Dec 2006
Time : 3 pm and 7:30pm
Location : Securities Commission Auditorium, Bukit Kiara
Price : RM50 and above
Tel : 03-7984 4391
Email :

Profits for the above concert will be donated to the Mt. Miriam Hospital, Penang (Cancer Services). So, here’s a chance to show your golden heart and venerate classical ballet.

“Charity Begins At Home”

How often have you heard the above phrase? I ask for you to ponder the above statement and seek for your stand if you agree or otherwise.

I am standing on the fence on this one. Two weeks back, I expressed the opportunity to 2 students of mine; to help do a mural painting for an orphanage in OUG – Angels Children Home.

Needless to say, the students required their mother’s permission before they followed me to the home. Here’s both the conversation revealed to me; one which I heard with my own ears.

Me: I’m going to an orphanage in OUG to help paint a mural. Are you interested to come help?
Student 1: I don’t FEEL like going.
Mom 1: You have nothing to do at home, you’re just sitting at home on Saturday mornings and watching cartoons. It’s good to help the orphanage. Not everyone is as fortunate as us.
Student 1 : I don’t want to go.

Student 2 : Mom, I’m going to an orphanage this Saturday to help paint a mural.
Mom 2 : Are you getting paid for it ?
Student 2 : No, I’m not, its a volunteer work.
Mom 2: Why are you so stupid? Do work for free. Do you know we are going shopping this weekend ?
Student 2: Yes, I’m aware. I rather spend my time helping the orphanage.

Reactions from both the mothers and children is rather daunting, don’t you think ? You would imagine, that growing in a warm, caring family, you’ll learn to be compassionate. That’s so not true for the above case in point. On the contrary, the latter student has a golden heart despite the cynical view from the mom.

What caught my attention the most was the drive to the home with student #2. I asked if he had any plans for the school holidays and he told me that he will be undergoing an operation this month. I was shocked. He has a tumor on the right hand side of his chest. He told me about the operation procedures, the weekly check-ups at the hospital and how this has affected him in school – he missed his final year exam. All these were blurted at my face, as if he was telling me about his holiday plans ! He even showed me his swollen chest while I was driving ! The success rate for the operation he told me is only 30%. Having said that, I thought to myself, if I had known that I have only 2 weeks to live .. would I spend my precious moments in an orphanage painting ? I really don’t know. I dare not comment.

He has taught me more than I have taught him in class. I trust his guardian angels will be watching over him …