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Little Words to Live By
Strong men stand for themselves
Stronger men stand for others

By: Script writers of Barnyard

I bid year 2006 goodbye with a smile on my face. Thinking back the past year of all the things I’ve done and some not yet accomplished.I still have many unquenchable desire to fulfill for my year 2006 resolution list. Yet, I realise my attempts are to no avail on the last day. It’s OK, I comfort myself. There’s always next year ahead. A bright new year ahead.

Year 2006, I was Jane. I met a Thai stranger whom I can only remember him by his yellow T-shirt and ugly green short pants on the background on this *photo.

Sometimes the destination is not so important, but the people who helped you along your path is.

I’ve seen the ocean and many islands in year 2006. Islands and oceans will always remain the same, until someone flourish it and commercialised it.

Sometimes the fact is easy to understand, only human makes things complicated.

I’ve seen beauty of flowers blooming in the track of year 2006. Mother earth gives us the fruit and we banish it easily with construction and development.

We must learn to love the earth, if not we are left with options to only cherish it.

I’ve seen how human spends a fortune to show respect to the almighty Gods. I wonder, does God need a house built with golden stones?

What good is it to have all the money in the world, but have no one to share it with?

No well wishes ahead, I deem it meaningless. My thoughts are with those close to me.

* Read “The Trek” post for more details

Little Words to Live By
There’s no such things as “Love at first sight”
Only “Lust at first sight”

By: Unknown

“Eh, what’s up doc?” utter Roger, the famous rabbit from Warner Brothers . Roger and his gang of friends are often seen hanging out in streets of Hollywood, a 5 year old may often argues and sometimes even proclaim Roger is attending afternoon tea parties. Please do not dismiss the young light hearted dream of a child. If the 5 year old choose to have imaginary friends, let her/him be.

My mid 20′s friends whom I went to Bukit Tinggi with had somewhat similar imaginations. One imagined that the rabbit farm has more than 1000 rabbits to offer, while another suggested 100 odds. Did I dismiss their dreams ? Of course not, I nodded with agreement and I merely made my guess of 50 rabbits in the farm.

We arrived in haste as dark clouds were showing and we were afraid that the farm would be closed due to the downpour. Our mighty feet took us into the covered farm. Birds eye view indicated there was only at most 60 rabbits ! Three of us smiled to each other. I then nudged my foreign friend, “A thousand rabbits, you were saying ?” I said cheekily. “Let me count them for you” I then continued. We laughed at ourselves.

It was an enjoyable hour of rabbits watching. White rabbits, grey rabbits, black rabbits but no Roger rabbit. Perhaps Roger was on duty, making another blockbuster.

There is nothing to do in Bukit Tinggi!

Refute # 3. Smell some fresh rabbit dunk !

Little Words to Live By
Don’t hate because hate does not leave space for a person to be fair
and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking

By: Unknown

What is with men and their beer bellies ?

I realised that men who are 25 years old and above tend to have built themselves a nice, round beer belly. The funny thing is, men realise that, but ironically do they stop the cause – drinking beer ? Platonic answer, NO.

The self defense is, social drinking. It would look unmanly if all the dudes are drinking and you are sipping a soda. Actually, its not just only unmanly, its sissy to even drink a girl’s drink. I am in part to blame for the latter. Here’s how I was found guilty.

One fine evening, I went out for a casual night out with a group of males and females friends, I was expecting to hit the dance floor but unfortunately we ended up in a pub. Set in a bedroom like ambience’s; red sofas with feather pillows, tranquil music and dimmed lightnings, a very inviting place to sleep or do what “in loved couples” enjoy doing at night – snuggle.

I was with friends, so I couldn’t do any of the above. The next logical act to do was stay awake, by chatting. The Japanese table settings made it really difficult to sit. You either sit crossed legs or stretch them out. I was wearing a mini denim skirt, so imagine which option I opted for. After getting myself somewhat seated comfortable and decent, I then ordered my favourite drink, a glass of Mojito.

My seated neighbour, an average looking 20 years old guy dressed smartly in his khakis and polo shirt, ordered a cocktail, Pineapple Malibu. Everyone on the table shrugged and in particularly the beer drinking bunch gave him a lesson on drinking ethics for guys. A good half an hour lecture before the Malibu was ordered.

The Malibu arrived with a nice pineapple piece on the glass. Then, the teasing continued. This time round, it was the women who made remarks. I joined in, as I felt responsible to give this young friend of mine a “what women find attractive in men – sipping Pineapple Malibu ain’t listed in the directory” lecture. It was a mind challenging discussion as ideas were thrown between men and women. The discussion made my numb feet and legs much more bearable. Anyhow, after the long night I did end up on the dance floor in a different bar, just to regulate my blood vessels.

I came home that night, wondering to myself, “Why men sacrifice their lovely 6 packs for a all in one pack – just for a glass of beer”. Enlighten me, please..

Little Words to Live By
What luck for rulers that men do not think

By: Adolf Hitler

The Road not taken – by Robert Frost
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
and sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
and looked down one as far as I could
to where it bent in the undergrowth;
Those were the words that linger on my mind for the past one year. I still reminisce December year 2005 where I took the courage to quit my job and venture into my own independence earning. I am often reminded of my decision when I go trekking in the woods. I am very fortunate to be able to walk the jungle with some good friends and strangers from Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur every now and then.
Each step, each footprint up the trek, I build courage in life. The picture above was the most difficult hike I’ve taken but yet the sweetest. The climb up was steep and rocky.

The fruit was barely commendable. A 2 hour hike up the hills in Koh Samui jungle, reaching the destination to an almost dried up Na Muang No2 waterfall. The water was not even clear. It was murky.

The attraction of this waterfall is the hidden cave beneath the waterfall. One can swim and enjoy the splashing effect of H2O. It is an interesting experience for those who have not gone caving or seen a waterfall.

But, why has it been the sweetest experience for me ? It was the journey, not the destination. In fact, I was very disappointed with what I saw at the end of the trek. I was however, smiling throughout the trek.

The guide brought light to my face, despite my burning toes. The middle aged Thai guide held my hands at every corner, at every curve up the steep steps. My trekking companion was obviously not very happy that he had no share of the hand holding, for he too paid his share of RM30 to the guide. Midway of the trek, the guide gave us a role playing adventure. I was Jane and my companion was Tarzan for a good 30 seconds. We swung on vines. It was fun, I mean FUN. I felt like a 6 years old.

After the swim in the waterfall, I was in obvious disappointment on my trek down. The dark man did something unexpectedly. He walked down a very, very dangerous cliff, bend downwards …it was as if he was getting ready to jump off the cliff, then he came back up with something on his hands. He plucked a wild flower off the edge of the cliff for me. I was speechless. Utterly speechless. What do you say to a man whom you know for 2 hours, one who could barely understands a sentence you’ve said as a gesture of gratitude? I smiled. That’s all I did. I was treated with respect from a man who probably couldn’t remember my name.

The journey was all worthwhile to me. There is still hope in man.

Little Words to Live By
What don’t kill you, will only make you stronger

By: J. Aniston

27th December 2007 – is not a happy day for me. I have no mood to blog.