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Little Words to Live By
As one is made miserable by love
None is made happy without love

By: K. Wong

The waiting has finally ended. My father has finally stopped nagging me to call the Government sector to enquire the status of his application. I received the approval letter 2 weeks back.

My period of waiting since Malaysia Government Service The Return was almost 3 months. The application was sent in June 2006 – Malaysia Government Service. In short, my father waited for more than 6 months for the government to approve his RM200 monthly subsidy for the Malaysian underprivileged folks.

He has yet to receive his first RM200. Dare I think how long will the first payment be made?

Little Words to Live By
The more you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it becomes

By: Amy Grant

The finale of “A Glimpse to the Dark Side”. I present you … the evil gin. Soon after sinking in the previous demonstration on “Keris Angkat Beras” , I gathered my composure to regain my faith that it was all just a gimmick. Little did I realised, my belief was shattered into pieces when the “master” took out what seem to look like a decomposed, waxed little being. It looked rather familiar. I’ve seen this before. It was in a glass box. A glass box I walked past earlier in the hall. The box showcased the evil gin. It looked lifeless. I’m sure it’s dead. Very much dead. The “master” walked around the room, holding the evil gin on his right hand. He allowed us to view it’s small crumpled face in near sight. I dare not look closely. He then announced “I will show you this gin bleed blood.”

He took out a piece of cotton. Again, his mouth moved in rhythm. He then placed the cotton gently onto the evil gin’s mouth. The fangs were obvious in between the cotton. He took out the cotton from the gin’s mouth and put the cotton on a plate filled with water. The water slowly turns red.

He picks up the plate and walks around the crowd. He asks the crowd to smell the plate. Indeed, it smell of blood. He asks the audience to taste the water. No one dared. I shudder thinking back of the moments.

Little Words to Live By
Having to explain it means you probably shouldn’t have said it

By: Cary Clark

I wish I’m in America. Living in America. You’ll be surprise how its possible to shop cashless in America. No, I don’t mean use your credit card. Correct me if I’m wrong. This is what I hear from my brother, a PR in US. Apparently, you get free coupons, vouchers from the daily newspaper or magazines. You can walk in literally cashless, nothing in your pockets except a few coupons in your hands and you come out with a
trolley full of groceries !

I didn’t quite believe him, then he directed me to an online
website. You don’t need to buy a newspaper or spend a single dollar on magazines. You don’t need to get out to the highway or go to the mall to shop. Just an Internet connection. This is called Online shopping. I consider Coupon Chief a good online shopping website. Why ? Basically, for its diverse products offered and good discounts.

You can get stuff ranging from toiletries to a rock for your wife. The discounts provided by the promo codes is just unbelievable. Grocery shopping in Target with 10% discount has not been easier. Besides, when the monthly routine of purchasing becomes dull and mundane, or when you’ve gotten sick of walking the lane for your breakfast cereal, or gotten tired of finding the softest toilet paper roll, the free shipping is a blessing. I wish Target stores in Malaysia has this online shopping. I envy my friends in US, the luxury of online shopping.

I have a friend in Malaysia, who shops US products online. Yes, literally, she swipes her card in Paypal. The products are then delivered thru Fedex to her doorstep. With Valentine’s Day coming round the corner, perhaps I should start surfing the Diamond Coupon sites more often at my dream guy’s house. Maybe he’ll finally get the hint. Free Fedex shipping ! No more excuses of no time to go to the mall. Did I mention Diamond Coupon is offering a 20% discount ?

As for myself, my personal favourite online shopping experience would be at Amazon. Books, books, and more books ! Heaven ! Alternatively, I could pamper myself with the Free Gifts from Body Shop. These retail stores should really consider making online shopping available to the Asian markets.

Darn, I just remembered I have to do my Chinese New Year shopping soon ! Argghh … There goes my weekend.

NOTE: This is a paid post

Little Words to Live By
Let us have a care not to disclose our hearts to those who shut theirs against us

By: Francis Beaumont

It only took 17 days for Rock Your Vote to gather 100 respondents in response to my “Beyond the 2.5 decade for men” post. The results ? Well, it was rather obvious that the battle was between “Depression/Stress/Worries” and “Simply just to get drunk”. Maybe our life is too hectic, that we seek an avenue to release our negative energy. Maybe our life is too meaningless, that we seek an avenue to find peace, the drunken peace.

Aside from the poll, Rexted and I agreed that, to be in the unawakened state is a path all youth must go thru. If you are still drinking every weekend, you perhaps are still in your teens. You will definitely have your belly to remind you of your youthful years.

Little Words to Live By
A successful man is to be able to provide and meet the needs of his wife
A success ful woman is to be able to find such man

By: Unknown

Women in the 21st century are very independent. Some even declares that they don’t need a man in their life. Thus, such women end up being a spinster.

How is it possible that women these days have greater earning power compared to women in our mother’s generation ? Has education ruined the gentle woman inside us ? The answer is simple – It’s the man’s fault. Don’t shoot me as yet, allow me to detail further.

A housewife cooks and cleans daily for the family. She wakes up at 6 am, prepares breakfast for her children and husband. After the cooking, then there’s the cleaning to do. Washing, buying groceries to name a few household chores. There’s so much ordeal at home, she neglects her self beauty. Dressed in run down clothing, she greets her tired husband with a wholesome dinner.Unappreciated of the dinner, the husband loses his appetite seeing her once beautiful, lovely wife looking rather dull, the husband then freshens up, all geared up for some “bedxercise”. The exhausted wife is unable to satisfy the husband. The husband goes to bed, feeling lousy.

The routines continues for years. Then, one fine day, the husband meets an attractive, single working woman at work. Sparks are exchanged. Without realising, an affair begins. It gets worst, the affair is made known by the housewife. Husband leaves wife and children. Family is torn apart. Housewife is no longer a housewife. She learns the hard way to earn back her dignity and confidence. Without any working experience or any paper, housewife ventures the working world, pledging to build a better tomorrow for her children. She succeeds, finds a stable job. Earn a decent living. The “new woman” provides for her young daughter with education. Daughter learns that education is very important.

Ask any working mothers the story of why education is important, why women should not depend on men. You’ll probably get the above tale. So, why is it the man is at fault, that women are workaholics ?

Ask any independent working woman if their bf/husband is equally or more financially/career sound than herself? If the answer is “No”, there you have it. Women have to be independent because we can’t find any reliable men to depend on. In general, women are happy to stay indoors, quit their job and care for their family. Unfortunately, not every woman can find such man.