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Little Words to Live By
Be careful of strangers who offer their cookie to you

By: M.L. Lai

Don’t you think the course of life is pretty determined before birth ? You go to pre-school at the age of 4, finish primary school at the age of 12 and graduate from high school at the age of 17. You head off to college if you have the brains or money. You don’t need brains to go to college. Money, yes.

Finish your bachelors, join the rat race. Meet your soul mate. Get wed. Buy a house, bear children. Get a terminal illness and rest in peace. Note that, the paradox of life doesn’t really have to go in that order. You could own a house before you even meet the perfect one. You could inherit the fortune from your dying folks even before you finish school. May that never happen to you, may your parents live a long happy life.

The fact is, everyone knows how mundane life is nowadays. What are we doing about it ? We just live our life as it is. I, on the other hand, seeks more meanings in everything I see, I smell, I eat, I hear. It does somewhat makes it more worthwhile for me.

A dear friend of mine is moving on to a new chapter of life. The life surrounding children. Raising a family is an extraordinary feeling, a feeling I hope one day I will experience myself. What to escape from your dull and boring life ? Go to a DIY shop or a furniture shop. Walk around and you’ll really see there’s more to life. How little things matter and make alot of different.

For instance, did you know that a ceiling fan can be custom made ? Did you know that there’s thousands of ceiling fan designs out in the market ? What on earth is casablanca fans or craft made fans ? I thought a ceiling fan is just a four or five blades thing. Create some kinetic motion and serve its purpose. I reckon fancy ceiling fans are for people with taste for design. The thing is, people are making a living from designing such normal gadget. Imagine, the introduction of the wife of the fan designer, “My husband is a fan designer. We get bread on the table by selling fans”. Don’t mistaken this as a mocking. It isn’t one. If your life is on retailing, never, ever belittle your products …no matter what it is. If a simple fan can be diversified with thousand designs unheard of, why not add more spice to your hunter fans ?

Still find it mundane, go change the color or add some small accessories to your home. Even a door wear has different clothing. Of course, if you’re unhappy with your current life. A simple walk in the DIY shop won’t do any good. You should renovate your kitchen instead ! Ok, that is not funny.

Seriously, the paradox of life is set. Walk the path and enjoy the journey. Its just futile to escape from the paradox of life.

Little Words to Live By
Some things are better left unspoken

By: Unknown

It was a sunny afternoon. A great perfect day to be out. It was my second time visiting the orchard. The first time round it wasn’t so pleasant. I wore a mini denim skirt and a nice pair of heels. You can imagine how delighted the mosquitoes were to meet me. Just reminded me of how fun school days were during my teens, having studied in the midst of jungle, in the surroudings of monkeys and company of exotic insects . The memories of excitement and laughter flashed back recalling my sadistic friends who tortured the mosquitoes’ family by ripping off its tiny little legs from its fragile body.

I was prepared this visit, I brought my camera and wore long track pants to keep me safe. I looked up the sky and I saw “God” smiling at me. The sun was shining ever so brightly and the clouds moved as if it was dancing with the wind.

I stepped in into the little hut and started my journey into the greens. I was then greeted by an old tree. The bark looked like it has its course of life. A road, a road diverged in two. A very peculiar tree I must say. I stared and admired it momentarily. It looked rather symetrical to me. The shape of its branches and its leaves, split into 2. I thought to myself, how significant life can be if you look deep and hard. If you only cared to look. The tree stood at its roots proudly.

I carried on my journey, going deeper. First, I paid my respect to the “King Fruit”, the durian. Apparently, the durian season has come to an end. I was told to be very lucky to find any on the tree. I was lucky, indeed. I found one hanging on its woody stem. A small one, it looked abandoned. I was very tempted to pluck it. Even if I did, it would have serve no purpose since the fruit will never ripen once removed from the tree. The fruit will fall off by itself when its ripe. I hate to be waiting under the durian tree.

Next, I met the dragon. The dragon fruit. The forbidden fruit ? It looks like a cactus, rather odd looking, having a fruit sprouting on its thorny stems. I walked around the funny looking tree. Supposingly this dragon fruit is the next Vitamin C evolution. I love its tender, fleshy meat. The flesh looks like strawberry but taste much sweeter.

Cocoa. I met Malaysia famous export fruit. I was expecting more from this tree. It looked rather dull. Pioneer of all happy thoughts, I would imagine the creater of Chocolate would look more presentable. It just an ugly green thing.

“Chili Padi” , my favourite. The spicy pepper. Small but lethal. It needs no introduction. I wonder why though its pointing up the sky.

Monkey tree. The banana. Nothing special. I see this everywhere. This tree is rather creepy to me. I’ve been told that spirits often live in such tree. Apparently, lost ghost use its stem as home. I walked away immediately when the thought came to me. The rest of the orchard was full of oil palm tree. I gathered what I needed from the orchard. Some papayas, guavas and a handful of coconuts. Hop on to the truck and headed back home. I was the Fruitamania of the day.

Little Words to Live By
A minute’s success pays the failure of years

By: Robert Browning

I am curious. I am very curious. Is there really lucky people out there? I mean, lucky people who actually win stuff from contests. My “Am I lucky?” post stirred some relatively negative remarks on such contests. Sadly, I understand the cliches but how do these contestants actually win deals ? Are they the lucky ones ? Perhaps their persistence just paid off?

I’m sure most would agree that snail mail contests requires effort. Getting a stamp, an envelope and posting are effort. I always think that people who wins from such contest are deserving.

Recently, one of my student was casually chatting about winning stuff from an online game website with his friend in class. I overheard the conversation. I wasn’t ears dropping, I couldn’t close my ears. Winzy is the website name.

I remember during my younger days, where I was hooked onto online games. The addiction was so intense I could forget my meals and even forget the hour of the day. I have no idea how I finally managed to get rid of that bad habit. I didn’t go into any online rehabilitation centre for sure. The internet world has evolved since I left the gaming world. Now, it is a reward to play online, so the student of mine claims. Collecting points on online games to win prizes. Being a concerned tutor, I checked out the Winzy. Ok, I admit, I’m just nosy.

Indeed you can actually win stuffs from this site. The reward ? Cash, iPod, Nintendo to name a few. I dug further. There’s even pictures of winners ! Then, it happened. I did the unthinkable, I played one of the free online game – Deal or No Deal. Was it fun ? Was I hooked ? No and no. If you have nothing to better to do, perhaps playing the game might add some excitement into your life.

Ironically, this online game may seem dull to some, I found the core essence of this website was its marketing strategy. Giving out prizes to use its search engine. Now, that’s something more useful. The catch ? Only valid for Americans and Canadians. I wonder if the student of mine knew that his points collected are of no use !

Little Words to Live By

When one door of happiness closes, another opens;
but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.

By: Helen Keller

When I walked into my house this morning, I picked up the mails from the letter box. There were 3 letters waiting for me. I opened the one that had an unfamiliar look, unlike the common debt note from banks chasing me on my credit card bills or utilities due notice. On the envelope, it printed “Some personal good news for you”. The letter was from Readers Digest, for a moment, it seemed as if everything stood still. I’ve been waiting anxiously for a letter from them as I have entered myself into the RM700, 000 contest. Could I be the one ?

I tore the envelope and in it was a letter and a small piece of paper. I read the paper outloud. It was a “saying of the day” extracted from a calendar. For 8th of March 2007, it read:

“Everyone on earth has a treasure that awaits him.
Wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

I smiled. For a split second, I have forgotten all the horrible things in the world, the worries, the disaster that we see in the daily newspaper. My spirit was uplifted. I continued reading the letter and I was pleased to know that I have the opportunity to claim an entry form.

Apparently, not everyone can enter the contest, only I suppose the loyal, diligent and deserving ones. My effort was worthy after all.

Wish me luck – am I lucky ?

Little Words to Live By
If you love something, set it free
If it comes back to you, it was meant to be
If it does not, it was never meant to begin with

By: Unknown

I am waiting. I am waiting for a phone call. I am waiting for a phone call from the mechanic who is fixing my car and settling my car insurance claim. I’ve waited for a week for that call. He promised to return my call but never did.

I thought to myself, “should I wait any longer?”. Patience is a virtue. My patience was running thin on me. My virtue is slowly diminishing. Wait no more I did. I stormed to the workshop during my lunch break and demanded for the paper work to be sorted out. Imagine the horror on my face when I found out that my car has not started the repair work ! The mechanic did not have a good day.