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Little Words to Live By
Men know how to use the phone

By:Writers from Sex and the City

Are you happy ? No, what’s wrong ? You don’t like your job ? You don’t earn enough ? You don’t have a house or a car ?

Do you know you can learn to be happy ? Here’s a good picture illustration for a quick review.

Here’s my own interpretation.
If you want happiness for a month, get married.
You complete me. Without you, I don’t have my arms, my legs, my mouth, my brains. I can’t work, walk, eat or think without you. An utterly overstatement popularised by Jerry Maguire. You’ll be surprise the numbers of unhappy married couples out there. Happiness does not come when you are with someone special. Happiness is coupled when you have someone special. So, be happy and you’ll be HAPPIER when you have someone.

If you want happiness for a year, inherit wealth
Money can’t buy happiness. If it can, superstars won’t commit suicide. Why should they, they have all the fame and wealth in the world. So, if you are rich and unhappy, let me shoulder your problem, send me all your money.

If you want happiness for a lifetime learn to love what you do
A simple test, how do you feel on Monday mornings and Friday mornings ? I think you yourself should know the answer.

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Little Words to Live By
Never explain: your friends won’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.

By: Victor Grayson
I opened my wardrobe and stared at its content. “You can bring your own clothing or wear what the studio provides”. The voice on the other line rings fresh in my memory. “Now, what have I got myself into?” I thought to myself. I glanced at my old rags and I picked a few of my favourite outfits. Packed everything in a bag.

Capture your youth while you still have it. I was trying to convince myself that I was doing the right thing, RM299 package deal. RM299, to capture my youth, sure that’s a reasonable price to pay.

I arrived at the studio, still uneasy. Peer pressure can be stressful. Everyone has it, I should also own one too, a personal album.

I arrived at the studio at nine o’clock in the morning. I walked up the stairs, stairways to heaven. Every time I climbed up a flight of stairs, I think of that song. No correlation or whatsoever, my mind wanders off – I am not meeting my Creator. The photographers greeted me warmly and next, they asked me to undress ! Not really, they just asked me to select some outfits.

“Sit here and relax, we need to dress up your face,” the gentle voice said to me. She then, started her work and I sat like an obedient child. A good hour passed and I was ready to change to my first outfit.

Smile. Look here. Hands here.

Ok, let’s get serious !
Too serious, let’s soften the look.

The shoots went on for hours. I thought my skin was going to be scrapped off with all the dressing and undressing ! It was really fun though seeing my hair transformed from short, curly, wet look to stylish.

A month later, I picked up my RM299 worth of goods. A set of personal album and a big, huge, gigantic portrait of myself, hung at the entrance of my room. Where is my personal album now ? On my book shelf, collecting dust. The album was taken 5 years ago. Who has seen it ? Only 10 person. That’s two person every dang year.

This year, my youngest nephew of 10 years came into my room on Chinese New Year, and greeted me “Gong Xi Fa Chai”, he then gestured his hands with his big bright smile, waiting for his ang pau. I was outraged, I replied “Your aunt is not married !” “Then how come got wedding picture here one?” he blurted innocently.

So, money well spent ? My RM299 paid me a married aunty look and a rotting album !

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Little Words to Live By
The happiest business in all the world is that of making friends

By: Anne S. Eaton

I have an itch, on my back. Please help me, scratch it. Thank you.

Now, that you have scratched my back, allow me to scratched yours. How ? I would like to give away some cool gifts to you. What ? I have no idea yet. I wish to spend my first earned USD100 from blogging with my dear loyal readers. As such, please send me your wants/needs items (leave your kind remarks in comments for this post) that is valued less or equivalent to USD 100. This is my second attempt requesting for feedback, thus I expect some response, else I may scrap the whole Santarina idea and lavish the earnings on myself instead.

If you haven’t notice, I’m a PayPerPost blogger. PayPerPost pays well. I have earned thus far USD24 with them. Long journey to reach USD100? Don’t be so skeptical. Besides PayPerPost, I have other sources of blogging income. Let me reveal my total earnings; USD 80. I have only USD20 to go and I aim to hit that target by end of next month.

Now that I’ve your attention, I need you to scrub my back.

I have an experiment in mind. This, I believe maximises the opportunity on the Power of the Internet world. I have made several blogging friends (or so I think) and now I wish to put this newly blogging friendship to test. PayPerPost offers a new program, paying bloggers to blog about a blogger’s post. Join the blog network. It’s fairly new to me. Anyone who uses this feature from PayPerPost, give me a shoutout in the comment too. Be my blogger friend, be my guinea pig. Or better still, I’ll be your guinea pig, all my posts have this banner in place. Help yourself, go wild !

For those who don’t wish to scrub my back, how about holding my hands ? Hang on, don’t be deceived with my battering eye lashes, I’m not hitting on you. You can hold my hands and we can build a nice circle. I shall call it the circle of doinkers ! Ok, that don’t sound too right. Anyway, here’s how you can do your part, holding my hands. Simple, bring a friend along and join the circle !

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Little Words to Live By
Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind

By: Unknown

Yet, another visit to the Ministry of Education and I didn’t get lost. The Road Taken Many Times, I found my way home today ! I am gloating in glory now. Let me savour the moment ! Yay !

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Little Words to Live By
When your mind can’t think, listen to your body

By:M.L. Lai

When I stepped out of the corporate world in year 2006, many was astounded with my brave act. The truth is, it wasn’t really much of a thought act. More of a compulsive act. The change of working style was really difficult to adapt. From a people butterfly at work to a working alone solo, the change was drastic. Lucky for me, I managed to find other alternative to regain my sanity. I started a blog in October 2006. It took me 10 months to discover the power of the Internet. Blogging helped me to express my thoughts when students of mine struggle to comprehend utterly the reality of life. My humble blog started rather pathetically. The first post was a real embarrassment. I was blogging using my decade old modem, 36.6 kb running on a Pentium I desktop. Getting anything done on that piece of old junk was taxing. I shan’t even mention the sweat dripped waiting for uploading photos onto my blog.

After a good one year and half working on solo, life for me is much settled now. Staring back at my monitor screen now, sits right to me my old junk desktop and its modem resting on the floor, I smile with the sight of my broadband router at the corner. Not that there’s variety of broadband provider in Malaysia as compared to UK broadband provider or USA broadband provider. I have no complaint with the 1MB bandwidth. I am far more grateful for the creation of MSN and Yahoo messenger.

Although many is disappointed with the broadband providers in Malaysia, 1MB bandwidth is never enough. For the price we pay, we could have 8MB dirt cheap ADSL broadband like the ones in UK. Who am I to ask for more ? From a 36.6kb bandwidth to a 1MB network. I’m in heaven and lonely no more at work.

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