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Little Words to Live By
Judge a person’s appearance, criticize you are on God’s creation

By: M. L. Lai

The dark shadows cast among the clouds. Whistling of the angry wind swept the leaves on the ground. Slowly, droplets started dripping off the corner of Mother Nature’s Eye. The shower took place. I was left stranded at the shop, without an umbrella. My car stares right at me, his eyes starkly wimps as I stood helplessly.

10 steps to salvation from the rain. Just as I was geared to dash out and face the heavy drops, a man walked past me. He was tall and slender. Most importantly, he was armed with an umbrella. My natural instinct kicked in, my mouth opened and out came the words of mercy, “Can I please borrow your umbrella? This is my car” I pointed, claiming ownership on the four wheels.

As he turned away, he yelled back at me, “You run la!” With that, he walked into the shop without giving me a second look. Dumbfounded I was at the person who showed no compassion at all, as if his umbrella was made of gold. As if, his life clinged on to the blue plastic and loaning it to a damsel in distress would end his pathetic life.

Why do such people exist ? Makes you wonder why.

Little Words to Live By
Love is not measured by how many times you touch each other, but by how many times you reach each other

By: Cathy Morancy

I’m a sensitive woman. I watch sappy movies and I cry. I take things word for word. I’m gullible and to some, perhaps a dumb blonde.

I accepted the title proudly and I have no reason to prove them wrong. I am who I am, so be it.

Early this week, the rebellious and denial monster in me took over when I received an email from a first time reader of my blog. Truthfully, I feel bad exposing the email in public. Allow me to apologize in advance.

A compliment taken wrongly on my profile photo. I should be flattered but I was not. I don’t even know where to begin on how to respond to the email. Ignorance is a bliss. I ignored it for a while but it ate me slowly. The gnawing, agitating thought nibbled through my bones that the attraction of readers was purely to see photos of me. That’s sad.

My confidence has absurd dimension. So, I changed my profile photo to what indeed I deem as a photo of me looking sexy. To my horror, yet another reader commented that the photo looked as if I have shit up my ass. That’s sad.

In short, you can’t please anyone. Whatever you do, wear or say or write, you are judged.