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Little Words to Live By

A positive or negative energy cannot co-exist in space. Only one will dominate

By: M. L. Lai

Life is like a piece of art block. When you started school, did you ever realize that during art class, everyone had different types of art material ? Some had the 36 color set of color pencils, where else some had only the 12 combination set. There were also others who had none, those that had to borrow shades from others.

I remember when I was young, I envied a friend of mine. She had the most beautiful set of 48 color pencils. Every gradation of the light spectrum was in it that box. Each pencil was sharpened to perfection. I had the 12 set, where the basic ground of color was granted to me. Sat across me, further down the classroom, was a little girl tied in little pony and her pinafore was rather dirty. She sat at the corner of the class during that lesson because she had no art materials. She did nothing, she drew emptiness.

Did the girl with the most art material had a class pin up at the end of the lesson ? No.

If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, don’t expect your life to be colorful just because you had the tools. The art block is yours. You need to draw.

Little Words To Live By

Everyone can’t but anyone can

By: E. Worre

It’s 10 am and I just finished a conference online. TV downstairs was on and the volume was blasted till the roof. I had to go downstairs to see what’s the commotion. Sat in the living room, were 2 of my nephews, dressed in their shorts and shirtless. Men start young being topless. I try to shrug the obvious. I tried to imagine myself being topless walking around the house, not a good sight.

“Why are you not in school?” I enquired. The little voice answered back, “I’m grounded.” He continued, “I got into a fight in school yesterday and I am not allowed to go to school today.”

“Why are YOU not in school?” I prompted further the young boy seated next to him. “I am sick”. Indeed he is, the viral mind sickness, so he can stay home with his brother, so he can stay home and watch TV.

It puzzles me the education system today. Ground a student and refuse entrance to school because he is ill behaved. Let’s put things in perspective.

You are at work and you had an disagreement with a colleague. It was so bad that your boss “grounds” you. You do not need to go to work the next day. You get paid still the same for your salary. So, how do you feel about that ?

I rest my case. Something is very wrong with our education system today.

Little Words To Live By

Life will pay whatever price you ask for it

By: Unknown

I took a long walk in the neighborhood today. A 1.5 hour me-time. The sun shone on the surface of my skin, I feel alive and grateful.

I remember taking short walks after dinner years back. A customary I missed very much. Watching households and how each family choose to decorate their garden was an eye-opener.  Watching each family in their home with different color painted gates was always the topic discussed during these walks. I would then, imagined how my ideal home would be. A small cottage with a big garden where the dogs roam free.

“The grass is always greener on the other side” a famous quote I recall as I walk along the pathway today. There were pebbles and stones in the courtyard while some grew beautiful petals and landscape it with fresh ferns. The fresh air filled with scented mild dew. Have you looked at your own garden ? What have you planted ? It is important to ponder before you declare that the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

I gathered some pine cones and brought it home, placed it in the basket where the table was spread in the centre of the living room. I was pleased. Do you pick any pieces while you journey every corner of your life ?

Life is short. Live it.

Little Words To Live By

How I Am Is How Things Are

By: M. L. Lai

Today, I felt a little blue

My face turned gray

How I Am Is How Things Are

Today, I felt a little cheesy

My actions were quirky

How I Am Is How Things Are

Today, I felt a little gay

I smiled looking at everything

How I Am Is How Things Are

Today, I felt the energy pulsating

I’m vibrating

How I Am Is How Things Are

Little Words To Live By
I’m old enough to make my own mistakes

By: P. S. Y

I was waiting in the car. The knob was turned on, something I hardly do. The music came on. The voice then spoke. It echoed “Its not the size of the ring when the guy proposes. Its the way how he proposes that gives the girl a story to tell her girlfriends at the engagement party”. What profound statements !

A flashback came upon me and true enough, the gossiping and girly moments when the news were shared was not exactly on the size of the ring. It was how sweet and how creative the proposal was. Ask any girl and she can tell you her ideal proposal. Undeniably, some may prefer the magnitude and the cut of the band. The story that lingers on is the proposal.

Sitting on the comfy car seat, I zoned out. I was smiling, recalling the moments when my friends announced the happiest moments in their life. In random order, my favorites.

Hugging her from behind, they stood to watch the sun set and the birds were chirping. He pulls out a small blue case, slips his arms to the front and gently whispers to her “Marry Me”. Beaming from ear to ear she opened the box, revealing the most beautiful, glittering jewel. “Yes” she replies in joy.

They met at the bar. It was a common hang out place for their mutual friends. On New Year eve, the bar was packed. He planned it so well, asking her to walk out the street, in front of the bar because it was getting rather rowdy. He forgot his lighter and walked back in, asking her to wait for him. He then walked upstairs where the balcony is. The clock stroke,  instead of yelling Happy New Year, the banner dropped at the balcony, revealing the words that read “Marry Me”. The crowd cheered so loud that when she said Yes, it was almost the group nodded in delight.

It was 6am in the morning. He came to her house, walked into her room with a bouquet of fresh red roses. It’s her favorite. Kneeling down, “Marry Me” he utters. Bedazzled, it felt like a dream .. she nodded and went back to sleep. At 9am, she wakes up and the ring sits on the desk with a card attached to it. The words pen ” I make your dream come true, I love you”

Both of them love the park. From afar, she saw balloons. They walked closer and soon arrived to a great oak tree. Decorated with colorful air filled, it looked like a rainbow tree. In the shades, you could read the words, “Marry Me”. The ring hangs on of the branch where he guides her to it. Sits her down, on his knees and announces the sweet 2 words.