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Little Words to Live By

If you cannot forgive, you cannot accept abundance

By: Unknown

Last year I bid goodbye to a business I built for 4.5 years. It was one of the most difficult decision to make. I am glad I did it because I am much happier today.Multiple streams of income seminar with Robert Allen & Patric Chan changed my life. It’s more than words.


Little Words to Live By

The universe cannot put good in your hands until you let go of what you’re holding in it

By: Unknown

Have you been there the time that God told you

To be aware of what your soul holds you to

I’m guilty there too

I know a man who married a lady

Who may not survive to see their first baby

What would you do ?

The courage it take to follow your heart

It may not look easy it may not even seem very smart

It may not even seem very smart



Cos nobility aint just for kings and queens

It goes for you and me everyday

Humility shows true integrity

You shall know the truth

And the truth will set you free

Oh the truth will set you free

Know the truth and the truth will set you free


Sometimes when I am scared I make up these stories

That I am not prepared to shed in my glory

I know you are scared too

If I tell myself again and again

If not me who and if not now then when

If not now then when


*Repeat chorus*


I am reminded that I am always on my path

When I see it I’ll find it

All I have is to get back

No more excuses

I can’t avoid my destiny

Now that I know I can’t avoid my destiny


*Repeat Chorus*


Little Words To Live By

You don’t need money, skill or resources to achieve success. You just need an idea and the courage to pursue your dream

By: Unknown

From the last backup done on my blog, I have lost few months worth of blog posts. So, I’m compiling the videos instead of redoing the write-up. Here’s what I’ve been doing.

Was in Las Vegas, USA.

Was in Thailand.

Participated in a talent show in Malaysia