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Little Words To Live By

There are 2 ways of spreading the light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it

By: Unknown

Have you ever seen the joy on a child on their first soft toy ? What’s the first instinct ? To hug it. Soft toys are made to be loved. It expects nothing more, nothing less.

It is the significant shared in memory of the people/person who gave you the soft toys that brings value to the inanimate object. I am fortunate for all the gifts from my loved ones - My buddies in bed and the toys have made me learnt my vocabulary.

Making my own soft toy was indeed very sweet.

Little Words To Live By
Don’t blame your exhaustion on a lack of sleep if you choose to abuse your body with a bad diet, lack of exercise, or general inactivity

By: Kyle Magnard

My memory fails me. I can’t remember the exact time but I’m sure it was the evening of 2nd Sept as I cross the street in front of Salt Lake Convention Centre, I saw Kyle Maynard jogging on the opposite side of the road.

I was intrigued. My curiosity grew stronger as I watched him from afar peddling the wheelchair with his stubbed arms. If I were not wearing the heels I wore, I would have ran towards him. That moment left hanging until the next day, when finally Kyle came on stage and spoke. His gentle words echoed the room like thunder. “No Excuse” – A true story of a congenital amputee who became a champion in wrestling and in life.

When I finally met him, it was full of admiration and respect, I was trying to find a subject matter to start a decent conversation without appearing to be like a fanatic fan, all I could summon was “Can I give you a kiss?” I felt an inexplainable surge of emotion for this stranger that needed to be expressed. Coming from an Asian culture, the thought itself I sworn could have made my parents squirmed having the first word of acquaintance to a guy from a lady. I must admit I was slightly embarrassed. From the moment we cross path, he looked at me straight in the eye and I felt an instant comfort feeling.  He then gracefully accepted the offer and we hugged after a brief peck on the cheek. Luckily, a true fan finally came to my rescue. She was a Thai fan, holding the Thai version of the “No Excuse” book, gingerly eager to get an autograph from Kyle. Kyle was beaming from ear to ear seeing the sight of his book. It was as if it was the first time he saw his own creation in that foreign language. Anxiously, he demanded for a photograph with her. I wondered who was the “real” fan. I’m sure the photo taken will be one of the most memorable moment for Kyle.

I completed reading the book while waiting for my 7 hours transit in LAX airport. Truth to be told, I barely understood the parts where Kyle described the wrestling moves. It’s not a sport I watch on tv. To me, wrestling is an act I can never learn to appreciate, to understand why 2 men would inflict injury and pain onto each other, to prove winning of the crown. Having said that, I do admire the determination, hard work for this respected sport. It must be the same when one pondered why women would inflict injury and pain onto own self, wearing high heels for the name of vanity or endure years of practice of dancing ballet on pointe shoes, just for a glory of grace moment. These are things in life, I come to conclusion to just accept.

I sat the remaining 5 hours writing this post. I feel good, very good to have shaken, hugged and kissed a man I can only describe complete in many ways God intended him to be.

My favorite phrases in the book:

1. The cave taught me that I could be the best at whatever I wanted to do if I found the right was to do it (p 38)

2. Excuses give us a reason to explain to other people why we are too weak to deal with a particular problem, regardless of the size or importance of the matter (p 47)

3. As human beings, our inability to be the very best at everything means we must rely on other people to help us where we are lacking (p 51)

4. Trust is incredibly important when you’re suddenly met with a challenge that will not only call upon your best efforts, but will also demand the same ethic from everyone around you (p 68)

5. The world’s greatest accomplishments aren’t achieved on the first try (p 78)

6. I was able to show what I has learned and prove to those who doubted my ability that I could do it (p 104)

7. In order to maximize your own potential, you have to realize that your mind – unless you work to reach a point of mental tenacity – will submit far sooner than your body (p 104)

8. Training the mind should be your focus (p 111)

9. The stakes are high; you can either win or be defeated in a way that strips you of every ounce of pride – because it’s a sport where you can make no excuses (p 112 )

10. Don’t blame your exhaustion on a lack of sleep if you choose to abuse your body with a bad diet, lack of exercise, or general inactivity (p 123)


Little Words To Live By

You can never make the unwilling willing

By: Craig Braidley

Travelling has always been my favorite thing to do. Blogging allows me to share my travel experience and pen my thoughts. I have so much to write of this trip. Picture paints a thousand words. Through my eyes, I hope you can feel the joy, the love and the bliss of time and wealth freedom.

You have a choice

Little Words To Live By

You are not obligated to respond, knowing that you know and I have expressed myself is enough for me

By: M. L. Lai

I woke up today

Waiting for the day to see you

After months we last kissed

I remember your sweet warm smile

Crazy girl I am I know


I don’t want to waste another moment for I know I only live once

I feel you burning inside my heart

Letting time past not letting you know how I truly feel

Watching you pass me by

Walk away from my life

It’s driving me insane

Wondering what to do with these mixed emotions


It’s been going long enough

No more tomorrow

This is the day

I give you my real me

For better or worst

This is just me

For I am only true

Don’t ask me why


Tomorrow I wake up

I know I will smile thinking back what I did

What I said

Don’t ask me why


I’ve been hiding

Now the truth is revealed

I feel relief and happy

For I’m coming home

Where I should be