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Little Words To Live By

Work to learn not to work for money. Money will be the reward of knowledge applied with wisdom

By: M. L. Lai

A very sweet surprise birthday celebration for Fabian Lim, turning 40 at Asia Internet Congress Malaysia. Speech by Simon Leung and Fabian Lim. A moment captured through my eyes, a showcase on friendship.

Little Words to Live By

Wealth is money you don’t need, money you need is income

By: Unknown

A month has passed and I’m missing the beautiful weather in Salt Lake City, Utah. The global conference attended by thousands from all around the world, all sharing the same purpose, same goal. The future of nutrition, wellness will never be the same ever again.

Believe – the motto for this year. Trailing from last year motto, Dream. With a dream and a strong believe, everything, anything is possible. I am very fortunate to have found a mentor to guide and coach me in Network Marketing. Working with Randy Gage the #1 top Network Marketing trainer indeed is a privilege. I am grateful.