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Little Words To Live By

Opportunities are never lost. Someone will always seize it – M.L. Lai

A blink of an eye 7 years passed me by so swiftly. I guess when you’re having fun time really do flies. I’m now a mother of 2 lovely boys. Motherhood has kept me really busy. Now, I understand why my mom was constantly washing and cleaning while I was a child. Its unbelievable the amount of washing for a tiny person !

I’m starting to do training this year now .. It’s about time I tell the world !

Little Words To Live By

Try to please everyone, you will find yourself going crazy – M. L. Lai

Few days back, I prepared an email to my subscribers and I received a response for it, highlighting that the content was copied from another source. Indeed, I did use the content from another source and I graciously acknowledge it. So, what’s the purpose of me blogging about this specific incident. There is no justification for plagiarism. It’s an act of virtual crime if you plagiarize content online. You will get slapped by Google for content duplication and its a big NO NO for SEO. Have I ever plagiarize content online on any websites ? What do you think ?

The content of the email was plagiarize. Did I get a big slap from Google ? No. Did I break trust and lose integrity of my self worth as a person? Perhaps. Should I feel shame and awfully lousy that I re-use good content email from another source and share it with my followers ? No.

One day, you will realize the meaning of “work smart” than “work hard”. One day, you will realize all ideas are spawn from plagiarism. One day, you will realize that all millionaires uses the same method. The rich are the minority and the average are the majority in the society.

I am human. If you want to judge me for copying content for an email and classify me as an unworthy person. So be it.

Little Words To Live By

There is no victims, only volunteers to misery – M. L. Lai

This would be an interesting post. I’m on auction for 3 hours. Check it out on Facebook. Whoever wants to bid for me, please know that I’m not offering my time to “make money online” for you. =)

Little Words To Live By

A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble – Ghandi

I have not been blogging of late. I have been terribly busy co-ordinating community service project. Due to BERSIH activity last weekend, the “Pick Up Rubbish” Campaign was changed to another campaign – MAD FUN DAY With Kids.

You can check out the photos on the MAD FUN DAY with Kids on Facebook.

Little Words To Live By

Your best friends are going to hurt you every once in a while, you must forgive them for that.

By: Unknown

If my mom knew I signed up for a reality dating show, she would have killed me alive. Skin me to the bones. I am the black sheep in the family. My story, my life is nothing less than extra-ordinary. The extra mile I take to find myself a date, to pursue looking for my soul mate. Yes, there is no such thing as the perfect soul mate. I know that. A girl, can dream can’t I. It costs me nothing, so dream I shall.

The first day of the shooting was rather interesting. I came as a spectator and not a participant. The universe is funny on its own accord. I was called upon to be part of the girl at the podium because the participant didn’t show up. I appeared on the show in clothes of not my own.

The 4 gentlemen on the 1st episode was fairly impressive. It brought hope to Malaysia. Then, I disappeared for more than a month, away travelling for business and for holiday. The internet lifestyle, one I dreamt for many years, I’m living it. Dream and one day it will become your reality.

I came back on episode 6th. Life means so much more after the show ends. Friendship bond was established with single individuals from all walks of life.

“Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they are meant to be there; they serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or help you figure out who you are.” – Lindsay Russo

I remembered who I am on the social grounds. An experience, I have lost when I left the corporate world. I am so grateful to have found my friends, for they serve a purpose and a humble reminder of what I can be as a friend.