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A blink of an eye 7 years passed me by so swiftly. I guess when you’re having fun time really do flies. I’m now a mother of 2 lovely boys. Motherhood has kept me really busy. Now, I understand why my mom was constantly washing and cleaning while I was a child. Its unbelievable the amount of washing for a tiny person !

I’m starting to do training this year now .. It’s about time I tell the world !

Few days back, I prepared an email to my subscribers and I received a response for it, highlighting that the content was copied from another source. Indeed, I did use the content from another source and I graciously acknowledge it. So, what’s the purpose of me blogging about this specific incident. There is no justification for plagiarism. It’s an act of virtual crime if you plagiarize content online. You will get slapped by Google for content duplication and its a big NO NO for SEO. Have I ever plagiarize content online on any websites ? What do you think ?

The content of the email was plagiarize. Did I get a big slap from Google ? No. Did I break trust and lose integrity of my self worth as a person? Perhaps. Should I feel shame and awfully lousy that I re-use good content email from another source and share it with my followers ? No.

One day, you will realize the meaning of “work smart” than “work hard”. One day, you will realize all ideas are spawn from plagiarism. One day, you will realize that all millionaires uses the same method. The rich are the minority and the average are the majority in the society.

I am human. If you want to judge me for copying content for an email and classify me as an unworthy person. So be it.

This would be an interesting post. I’m on auction for 3 hours. Check it out on Facebook. Whoever wants to bid for me, please know that I’m not offering my time to “make money online” for you. =)

I have not been blogging of late. I have been terribly busy co-ordinating community service project. Due to BERSIH activity last weekend, the “Pick Up Rubbish” Campaign was changed to another campaign – MAD FUN DAY With Kids.

You can check out the photos on the MAD FUN DAY with Kids on Facebook.

If my mom knew I signed up for a reality dating show, she would have killed me alive. Skin me to the bones. I am the black sheep in the family. My story, my life is nothing less than extra-ordinary. The extra mile I take to find myself a date, to pursue looking for my soul mate. Yes, there is no such thing as the perfect soul mate. I know that. A girl, can dream can’t I. It costs me nothing, so dream I shall.

The first day of the shooting was rather interesting. I came as a spectator and not a participant. The universe is funny on its own accord. I was called upon to be part of the girl at the podium because the participant didn’t show up. I appeared on the show in clothes of not my own.

The 4 gentlemen on the 1st episode was fairly impressive. It brought hope to Malaysia. Then, I disappeared for more than a month, away travelling for business and for holiday. The internet lifestyle, one I dreamt for many years, I’m living it. Dream and one day it will become your reality.

I came back on episode 6th. Life means so much more after the show ends. Friendship bond was established with single individuals from all walks of life.

“Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they are meant to be there; they serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or help you figure out who you are.” – Lindsay Russo

I remembered who I am on the social grounds. An experience, I have lost when I left the corporate world. I am so grateful to have found my friends, for they serve a purpose and a humble reminder of what I can be as a friend.

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I was at the corner grocery store buying some early potatoes.

I noticed a small boy, delicate of bone and feature, ragged but clean, hungrily apprizing a basket of freshly picked green peas.

I paid for my potatoes, but was also drawn to the display of fresh green peas.

I am a pushover for creamed peas and new potatoes.  Pondering the peas, I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation between Mr. Miller (the store owner) and the ragged boy next to me.

‘Hello Barry, how are you today?’

‘H’lo, Mr. Miller. Fine, thank ya. Jus’ admirin’ them peas.  They sure look good.’

‘They are good, Barry. How’s your Ma?’

‘Fine. Gittin’ stronger alla’ time.’

‘Good. Anything I can help you with?’

‘No, Sir. Jus’ admirin’ them peas.’

‘Would you like take some home?’ asked Mr. Miller.

‘No, Sir. Got nuthin’ to pay for ‘em with.’

‘Well, what have you to trade me for some of those peas?’

‘All I got’s my prize marble here.’

‘Is that right? Let me see it’ said Miller.

‘Here ’tis. She’s a dandy.’

‘I can see that. Hmmmmm, only thing is this one is blue and I sort of go for red. Do you have a red one like this at home?’ the store owner asked.

‘Not zackley but almost.’

‘Tell you what. Take this sack of peas home with you and next trip this way let me look at that red marble’, Mr. Miller told the boy.

‘Sure will. Thanks Mr. Miller.’

Mrs. Miller, who had been standing nearby, came over to help me.

With a smile said, ‘There are two other boys like him in our community, all three are in very poor circumstances.  Jim just loves to bargain with them for peas, apples, tomatoes, or whatever.

When they come back with their red marbles, and they always do, he decides he doesn’t like red after all and he sends them home with a bag of produce for a green marble or an orange one, when they come on their next trip to the store.’

I left the store smiling to myself, impressed with this man.

A short time later I moved to Colorado , but I never forgot the story of this man, the boys, and their bartering for marbles.

Several years went by, each more rapid than the previous one.

Just recently I had occasion to visit some old friends in that Idaho community and while I was there learned that Mr. Miller had died.

They were having his visitation that evening and knowing my friends wanted to go, I agreed to accompany them.

Upon arrival at the mortuary we fell into line to meet the relatives of the deceased and to offer whatever words of comfort we could.

Ahead of us in line were three young men.

One was in an army uniform and the other two wore nice haircuts, dark suits and white shirts…all very professional looking.

They approached Mrs. Miller, standing composed and smiling by her husband’s casket.

Each of the young men hugged her, kissed her on the cheek, spoke briefly with her and moved on to the casket.

Her misty light blue eyes followed them as, one by one, each young man stopped briefly and placed his own warm hand over the cold pale hand in the casket.

Each left the mortuary awkwardly, wiping his eyes.

Our turn came to meet Mrs. Miller.  I told her who I was and reminded her of the story from those many years ago and what she had told me about her husband’s bartering for marbles.

With her eyes glistening, she took my hand and led me to the casket.

‘Those three young men who just left were the boys I told you about.  They just told me how they appreciated the things Jim ‘traded’ them.

Now, at last, when Jim could not change his mind about color or size….they came to pay their debt.’

‘We’ve never had a great deal of the wealth of this world,’ she confided, ‘but right now, Jim would consider himself the richest man in Idaho ‘.

With loving gentleness she lifted the lifeless fingers of her deceased husband. Resting underneath were three exquisitely shined red marbles.

The Moral : We will not be remembered by our words, but by our kind deeds.  Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath.

Today I wish you a day of ordinary miracles ~

An unexpected phone call from an old friend.

Green stoplights on your way to work.

The fastest line at the grocery store.

A good sing-along song on the radio.

Your keys found right where you left them.

It’s not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived!

By: Craig Bradley


Picture perfect memories
Scattered all around the floor
Reaching for the phone ’cause
I can’t fight it anymore

And I wonder if I
Ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It’s a quarter after one
I’m all alone
And I need you now
Said I wouldn’t call
But I’ve lost all control
And I need you now

And I don’t know how
I can do without
I just need you now

Another shot of whiskey
Can’t stop looking at the door
Wishing you’d come sweeping
In the way you did before

And I wonder if I
Ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It’s a quarter after one
I’m a little drunk
And I need you now
Said I wouldn’t call
But I’ve lost all control
And I need you now

And I don’t know how
I can do without
I just need you now

Whoa, whoa
Guess I’d rather hurt
Than feel nothing at all

It’s a quarter after one
I’m all alone
And I need you now
And I said I wouldn’t call
But I’m a little drunk
And I need you now

And I don’t know how
I can do without
I just need you now
I just need you now

Oh baby, I need you now

Lyin’ here with you so close to me
It’s hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe
Caught up in this moment
Caught up in your smile


I’ve never opened up to anyone

So hard to hold back when I’m holding you in my arms
We don’t need to rush this
Let’s just take it slow

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
No I don’t want to mess this thing up
I don’t want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life
So baby I’m alright, with just a kiss goodnight

I know that if we give this a little time
It’ll only bring us closer to the love we wanna find
It’s never felt so real, no it’s never felt so right

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
No I don’t want to mess this thing up
I don’t want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life
So baby I’m alright, with just a kiss goodnight

No I don’t want to say goodnight
I know it’s time to leave, but you’ll be in my dreams


Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
No I don’t want to mess this thing up
I don’t want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life
So baby I’m alright, oh, let’s do this right, with just a kiss goodnight
With a kiss goodnight
Kiss goodnight

Christine works in a small company in Layton, Utah that produces lapel pins and recognition awards.
She loves her work.
She knows that these pins are awarded to the thousands of people who advance in levels in their Network Marketing company every month. She has worked here since she was 16.
She is now 23.
She uses all her income to support her unemployed mother and disabled sister Cathy.
Cathy requires special care which costs thousands of dollars and Christine works hard to provide it.
Everything for her hinges on more and more people being awarded these pins, so she can continue to have a good paying job.

That’s why you have to make it.

Felipe owns the Mexican restaurant your team meets at every Wednesday night.
He loves your positive attitude and friendly nature. You enjoy the food and the casual ambience.
And the food is superb. He is thrilled to have you all as a group coming in frequenting his restaurant.
Because you’re all there is between him having to close up or stay open.
The business his family has owned for 42 years. The economy has crushed him.
Less and less people are coming through his doors and he almost cries when he sees you and your MLM team come in on a Wednesday night. He knows he can survive another week until things get better. As your team grows, more and more people join you on the Wednesday night. While you raise a glass at the table, Felipe raises his hands and thanks God he’s made it through another week.

That’s why you have to make it.

Alexandra is nine years old and lives in one of the poorest areas of Mexico.
She has been blind since a tragic accident when barely months old.
She has never seen the glow of the moon, or the sunset on a summer day.
She dreams of knowing what ‘vanilla’ really looks like because it’s her favourite ice cream.
She places her hands on her father’s face and wonders all day what he must look like.
Her mother and father were asked recently if Alexandra can be included in a ‘special project’ your company is bringing to Mexico to help children just like her have their sight restored.
The operation costs over $15,000. They think they will never be able to afford it.
You tell them your company is paying for it through their humanitarian fund that every team member contributes to. Her father hugs Alexandra and promises that very soon their one and only dream in life will come true.
She thinks that dream is to see her father’s face.

That’s why you have to make it.

A man sits on a train staring into the wall. He wonders what brought him to this hell he has to now endure.
He has lost his job…again. His boss assured him that ‘tough business conditions’ were the reason and he simply could not keep him on. He has no idea what to tell his wife. He can’t call her because their phone was disconnected on Friday. They’re two months behind on their mortgage and the bank has been playing things tough. He sits on a train because six weeks ago, a tow truck came and took their car away from their driveway. He wishes someone would come along and show
him a way out.
Someone who could put out a helping hand and say “it’s okay, we can get out of this together.
I will show you a better way.”

That’s why you have to make it.

The world needs heroes. It needs people like you willing to live life loud. To be Epic.
It needs people to step up and say I will do what it takes to make things better for myself and others.
I will take what I’ve been given with this opportunity and use it to help people like Christine, Felipe,
Alexandra and the man on the train.
When you lift yourself up through this business, it’s inevitable that you raise others with you.
As you grow and prosper, that growth and prosperity will shine into the lives of others.
It’s just the way life was meant to be.

And that’s why you have to make it.

Written by Faouzi Daghistani