I took the time to use the cleanser
to apply the toner
and to spread the moisturizer
so you could admire my face, so radiant and a little fairer

I scrub my back so it seem
and lather it with shower cream
and might I may take longer in the bath room
just so you can touch my soft, smooth skin so groomed

My handbag’s packed with lip balm
and clumsy I am searching for it so calm
I melt when you say as I lay in your arm
my lips so sweet and tender charm

Don’t call me vain when I spend hours in the salon
You know, I rather be with you alone
Don’t deny the sparkle in your eyes it cloned
When you watch me brush my long, shiny hair so toned

Don’t judge me as a typical woman
just so because I want to make you proud my man
standing next to you I lean
a beautiful lady you call your beauty queen

8 Responses to “Just Call Me A Woman”

  • Choo Hwei Ming:

    truly a women la…

    spend all day in the salon..

    but, in the end.. it still looks the same..


    Make up.. bring everywhere.. handbag not filled with money…but make up and lip balm..


    As long as she did all that, carry all her make up to impress me,

    I’m OK with it… :)

  • May Leng:

    hwei ming: all girls are alike and all men are the same too. ;)

    you better update your gf criteria :P

  • Choo Hwei Ming:

    update my GF criteria ar?

    hah.. for now.. It has to be..

    Must be going to UK, 20KM within University of Manchester, planning to live there..

    and, one most important thing…..

    Must be the very rich, so she and i can enjoy life without financial worries.. kekeke..

    *I take my criteria back!!*

    I’m single, but not available, unless the girl is SOMEBODY!!

  • May Leng:

    haha ..fickle minded man ! :P
    make up your mind .. you can have my lip balm :P P

  • Choo Hwei Ming:

    I can have your lip balm??


    Is it cocoa flavored?

    I love cocoa flavored lib balm..the only from The Body Shop..

    If it is strawberry flavored…then..er… Tak mau.. :)

  • May Leng:

    im a woman ..what do you think ! :P
    of course its strawberry ..mango ..passion fruit .. :P

  • Choo Hwei Ming:

    hem.. then, I tak mau.. hahahaha…

    I don’t like strawberry lip balm or anything equivalent to its taste..
    its just.. too fruity.. :p

  • May Leng:

    typical men .. :P

    I should come out with one post …called Just Call me A Man …hehe …

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