Do you know yourself well enough ? I came up with this list of questionnaire with the intention of posting it up in Facebook but I never got my arse in completing the task. Procrastination is in my blood. I blame my bad genes. Anyhow, here’s the list. See if you can answer it within 2 seconds for each statement. Which do you prefer?

1. Chicken – Fish
2. Ice Cream – Chocolate
3. Beef – Lamb
4. Movie in Cinema – Movie at Home
5. Drive a Car – Ride a Motorbike
6. TV – Radio
7. Drinking – Dancing
8. Sex – Oral Sex
9. Fruit – Vegetable
10. Hug – Kiss
11. Cook – Wash
12. Talking – Listening
13. Boobs – Butt
14. Japanese Food – Korean Food
15. Giving End, Ear – Giving End, Neck
16. Receiving End, Ear – Receiving End, Neck
17. Computer Games – Play Station
18. Building – Destroying
19. Baby Boy – Baby Girl
20. Eyes – Lips

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