I challenge you to punctuate the above subject.

6 Responses to “Man Without A Woman Is Nothing”

  • Jee:

    nothing = 0
    man – woman = nothing
    man – woman = 0
    man = woman
    woman – man = 0 = nothing

    man without woman is nothing
    woman without man is nothing
    guess that man and woman are the same after all..

  • Kelvin:

    Allow me tho rephrase the sentence.
    “Woman without her man is nothing”

    Most men wrote
    “Woman, without her man, is nothing.”

    Most women wrote
    “Woman! Without her, man is nothing.”

  • May Leng:

    Jee : I am lost. Care to elaborate further? Remarks indicated: punctuate, not write equation. :P

    Kelvin: Well said ! :)

  • Anonymous:

    this is how it would look when you punctuate it:

    man without, a woman is nothing!

    see! hehehe…

  • May Leng:

    male chauvinists! :P

    i’m gonna be a female chauvisist ..

    man without a woman, is nothing

  • Anonymous:

    Most men would punctuate it as the following:
    Man without, a woman is nothing.

    Most women would punctuate it as the following:
    Man, without a woman, is nothing.

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