I call it "Poetry"


Just Call Me A Woman

I took the time to use the cleanserto apply the tonerand to spread the moisturizerso you could admire my face, so radiant and a little fairerI scrub my back so it seemand lather it with shower creamand might I may take longer in...

All in a Day's Work


The Gap

A blink of an eye 7 years passed me by so swiftly. I guess when you’re having fun time really do flies. I’m now a mother of 2 lovely boys. Motherhood has kept me really busy. Now, I understand why my mom was...

Inner Thoughts


CamWhore Myself For A Ticket

The email came estimately 2 weeks back. It sat on my mailbox, mocking my pride. “Take a picture in your pajamas” the content spoke. I ignored it.Another email came again 3 days ago. A humble reminder to submit a blog...

Pondering Notion



He was clearly excited with the new gadgets. He held it close, so close that he clutch it so hard no one could grab it from him. When he arrived home, he immediately tore out the packaging, revealing the treasure. I sat from the...

Thru My Eyes

  • Little Words to Live By
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Little Words To Live By Love Like There Is No Tomorrow Because One Day, There Won’t Be Tomorrow – M. L. Lai  

Play Better Tennis

I’ve always wanted to play tennis. I could play badminton and squash. Tennis has always been a struggle. Somehow the strokes just don’t fit. I end up picking up tennis balls all the time. Its just frustrating....