“He who sheds a tear has a heart .. He who cries is a wuss”

Ever heard the above remark ? Well, I don’t blame you if you have not. It’s a quote I made. Are you a man ? If so, this post may relate very well to you.

Do you find it difficult to express your feelings ? Particularly to the female group? With Valentine’s day around the corner, it must be very stressful to plan out the perfect evening with your loved one. My deep condolences to those who struggles.
It dawned upon me when I asked my recently married girlfriend how the boyfriend proposed to her. “Well, it was nothing. My boyfriend isn’t the romantic type. We thought it was time to get married and we just did it”. How platonic.
I wonder if you can link sensitivity with romanticism ? I always believe that a man who is able to shed a tear in front of a female being is sensitive and is compassionate. Others may call him a wuss. It’s a fine line between a weep and a cry. I define tears that stroll down the corner of your eyes as weep. I know for sure, I will remember the men who have wept for me.
Words of advise to dear ol men out there .. Don’t hold your tears.
PS: Please don’t cry your guts out on Valentine’s day to romance your girl !