MINOX Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 4.0

MINOX with their digital replica of the Leica classic camera in its ultra miniature format, which now boasts the attractive feature of 4.0 megapixels, sharper recorded images and with even more detailed rendition.

Although unusual, the MINOX Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 is both easy to use and ideal for those getting started in the field of digital photography and want classic convention rather than high-tec. Up to 99 images can be recorded on the internal 32 MB memory. The camera includes a USB cable for the convenient and fast transfer of the images onto a PC. The LCD display on the camera back provides information on the number of images left to shoot at any one time.

Anyone who has a liking for exclusive classic design and exceptionally small dimensions will be very attracted to this digital gem from MINOX.

The fine detail in the metal impressively enhances the design of the MINOX DCC Leica M3 and make it an unparalleled tool of excellence among the mass of available digital cameras. Its tiny dimensions makes it very pocketable, serving both as a camera and a digital notebook. The optional classic electronic flash perfectly compliments the style and design of this unique camera.

I have a confession to make. I did not write any of the above at all ! I simply did a cut, delete here and there and paste. Googled myself the info. Doubt me ? google it yourself from my blog. The above techy information mainly caters for techy readers !

Now, for my layman readers .. here’s my two cents worth on this classy camera:

  1. It’s the smallest camera
  2. It’s the cutest camera
  3. When you flash it out, you’ll be the centre of attention .. ooh …ahh ..everyone glows in envy
  4. Tell anyone who fancies cameras, that this lense is from Leica (honestly I know nuts about this Leica business) .. you’ll get somewhat a recognition
  5. Sharp pictures
  6. It fits in your handbag
  7. You look cool with it
  8. Can’t think of item 8 but heck .. 8 is good fortune number

This camera was a “impulsive” purchase item. Learnt to regret it. Anyone interested to buy this brand new camera, email me at doi_nk@yahoo.com