Imagine this …. You woke up early in the morning, no breakfast ..dashed off to work ..stuck in a traffic jam. Only to arrive at the office car park and discover that your space has been taken. Frantically, you searched for the next available lot. Parked your vehicle, you then rushed to stamp your working card before the last minute hits the hour.

After the long 4 hours of slaving at work, you finally break for lunch. Dehydrated, dying of thirst and hunger … You run to the nearest food court .. only to discover trays of dead insects ! How appetising ! You pick the fattest, juiciest maggots and grasshoppies, slump them onto your plate of carbohydrate. Gobble down your meal. Head back to your cubicle and robotise yourself for another 4 hours !

Ok, you can now halt your imagination. I’m sorry that I’ve spoilt your appetite for lunch/dinner/supper. Note that the photos were blurred intentionally to fit the 18U requirements. Don’t point the finger at me if you have strong sense of decoding mechanism in figuring out the shoots taken.

The above scenario would probably happen if you are in Thailand. These “mouth watering” delicacies were taken when I was in Thailand. When was that ? Well, that’s for another post to come. For now, “enjoy” your meal.