I’m into Network Marketing. From the corporate world I shifted to the entrepreneur world. I slaved myself over traditional business. I look back, I understood I need to go where I went to be where I am today.

Are you the 95% or 5% ? What am I talking about ? 95% population of the world are trapped in an endless cycle of financial frustration. Only 5% are opening doors that lead to financial independence, or even wealth.

I belong to the 5% of the population who is able to self drive myself to achieve things in my life. I choose to be different because life can give me so much more than an income. I got to believe that if more people understood the full benefits of being the 5%, there would be a lot of more people choosing to open different doors in their lives.

Being 5% is not easy. Why ? I think Randy describes it perfectly well.

Extracted from http://www.networkmarketingtimes.com/blog/what-it-takes-to-make-it/ by Randy Gage

People often ask what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing.  I have a short, simple answer…

All you got.

Fortunately it doesn’t take more than all you got.  But it does take all you got.  In fact, I’ll suggest this business will be the hardest one you’ll ever do, period.

And I’m qualified to make that statement.  I’ve been president of the Chamber of Commerce, worked in the corporate world, run distribution companies, managed medical centers, launched HMO’s, started restaurants & clubs, Internet marketing, information entrepreneur, owned a hairstyling salon, and published a magazine.  I’ve consulted with literally hundreds of other entrepreneurs in all kinds of businesses.  And can assure you, Network Marketing is harder than all of them!


Quite a few reasons.  First, the essence of the business is leadership development.  Not an easy thing to learn. Or teach.  This takes tremendous people skills.

Because of that, MLM requires large amounts of personal growth and self-development.  And working on yourself is tough work!

Other businesses you can get by on just skill, just talent or just money.  Here you need heart.  Guts.  And love.

With Network Marketing, you have to go all in.  You can start it part-time, you can start it with a limited commitment, you can start it not even believing it will work.

But to succeed at it, at some point you’ll have to move from kindergarten to the big leagues.  You’ll have to go from a night or two a week, to four or five nights a week.  You’ll have to commit and you’ll have to develop belief.

Here’s why…

You can’t really get anyone into our business.  It doesn’t work that way.  You can only commit, develop that belief and become so passionate that people want to be a part of what you’re doing.

MLM is like golf.  The only person you compete with is yourself.  The enemy isn’t other companies.  It’s not negative prospects.  And it’s not government regulation, high prices, or backorders.  The real enemy is your doubts and fears.  It’s what’s between your ears.

Most people today doubt their beliefs and believe their doubts.  You have to be different.  And that means daily self-development.  Keeping your dream in front of you.  And making sure your dream is bigger than your fears.

Yeah, you can probably win a free cruise, get a bonus car and rake in some nice bonus checks.  That would probably motivate you to go to a job every day.  That would probably motivate you to do any one of those other businesses I named.  But it’s probably not enough to get you to do Network Marketing.

Because our business is a lot tougher than those.  Our business means contacting prospects, driving to work with long distance lines, and sacrificing lots of pleasures early on for the long term.  It means really getting out of your comfort zone and growing.

So your dream has to be even bigger.  It has to include other people’s dreams.  Taking your eyes off of just yourself and looking how you can contribute in a meaningful way.

It’s going to mean facing rejection and maybe ridicule.  Facing your fears.  Dealing with dropouts and no shows.  Negative publicity, misperceptions, and adversity.

We know every adversity has in it the seeds of a greater opportunity.  But that opportunity is not automatic!  It is there only if you make a conscious choice not to be a victim; a conscious choice to learn the lesson and find a new door to walk through.  And remember, every room has a door.

Network Marketing is HARD.  So why do it?

Because it will be the most rewarding business you ever do in your life.  Yes it can give you those trips, car and bonus checks; it can get you free.  But it also does so much more…

The confidence you develop, the skills you learn, the satisfaction you gain are priceless.  Who you have to become to be successful in our business makes it all worth it.

And the joy that can only come from contribution…

When your new team member calls you screaming with excitement because they’ve sponsored their first person.   The breakthroughs you witness when someone buys their first suit, makes their first presentation, or calls that prospect that scares them beyond measure. When one of your people conquers their fear in any way, it will bring you rewards you can’t get anywhere else.

In our business you reach success by helping other people reach success.  That is what gets you up at 6 am to do self-development, that is what gets you to pick up the phone, that is what keeps you awake driving home at 2 am from a meeting for a new person on your tenth level.

So yeah, it doesn’t take more than you got.  But it does take all you got.  Just know it’s worth it.

So find someone you respect and make them a promise that you will do what it takes to win.  Ask them to hold you accountable.  Then make yourself the same promise.  After that, make a public declaration below in the comments.  Are you up for that?

Then tweet this post, “like” it on Facebook, blog it, or email a link to everyone on your team.  Bookmark this and come back to it whenever the seed of doubt creeps in.

Start EVERY day with positive self-development.  Don’t answer your phone, answer the door, or leave the house until your consciousness is vibrating at thermonuclear level.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are worthy.

Then go out and be amazing!


So, do you have what it takes to be in the 5% group ? Contact me at laimayleng@gmail.com, I’m looking for you.