Don’t you think the course of life is pretty determined before birth ? You go to pre-school at the age of 4, finish primary school at the age of 12 and graduate from high school at the age of 17. You head off to college if you have the brains or money. You don’t need brains to go to college. Money, yes.

Finish your bachelors, join the rat race. Meet your soul mate. Get wed. Buy a house, bear children. Get a terminal illness and rest in peace. Note that, the paradox of life doesn’t really have to go in that order. You could own a house before you even meet the perfect one. You could inherit the fortune from your dying folks even before you finish school. May that never happen to you, may your parents live a long happy life.

The fact is, everyone knows how mundane life is nowadays. What are we doing about it ? We just live our life as it is. I, on the other hand, seeks more meanings in everything I see, I smell, I eat, I hear. It does somewhat makes it more worthwhile for me.

A dear friend of mine is moving on to a new chapter of life. The life surrounding children. Raising a family is an extraordinary feeling, a feeling I hope one day I will experience myself. What to escape from your dull and boring life ? Go to a DIY shop or a furniture shop. Walk around and you’ll really see there’s more to life. How little things matter and make alot of different.

For instance, did you know that a ceiling fan can be custom made ? Did you know that there’s thousands of ceiling fan designs out in the market ? What on earth is casablanca fans or craft made fans ? I thought a ceiling fan is just a four or five blades thing. Create some kinetic motion and serve its purpose. I reckon fancy ceiling fans are for people with taste for design. The thing is, people are making a living from designing such normal gadget. Imagine, the introduction of the wife of the fan designer, “My husband is a fan designer. We get bread on the table by selling fans”. Don’t mistaken this as a mocking. It isn’t one. If your life is on retailing, never, ever belittle your products …no matter what it is. If a simple fan can be diversified with thousand designs unheard of, why not add more spice to your hunter fans ?

Still find it mundane, go change the color or add some small accessories to your home. Even a door wear has different clothing. Of course, if you’re unhappy with your current life. A simple walk in the DIY shop won’t do any good. You should renovate your kitchen instead ! Ok, that is not funny.

Seriously, the paradox of life is set. Walk the path and enjoy the journey. Its just futile to escape from the paradox of life.