My heart is singing for joy this morning. For some strange reasons, I couldn’t go back to bed after having my wee hours wee wee. I tossed and turned for an hour. I was smiling in bed. I felt silly. That moment, I knew there was something more than the smirk on my face. My thoughts were on mom’s funny “Tai Chi” moves she showed me the night before. Simplicity shared with compassion. I started feeling gratified and so I did, woke up and pen down my valuable moments.

Little Things that Make My Day

1. A friend asking me out for lunch/dinner/movie
2. The gas station pump attendant cleans my car wind screen
3. My student giving me a candy
4. Mom showing me her “Tai Chi” moves at night
5. Seeing my crush in group outings
6. My post in blog receives comments
7. A friend initiates a chat with me via MSN or Yahoo Messenger
8. My torrent download completes
9. Raindrops on my window pane
10. Having dinner with my family