“You don’t understand. Why aren’t you listening to me!” snorted Lily angrily. Simon, feeling confused and hurt answers back, “Why are you so mad? It’s just a simple problem. You can …”

How often has the above scenario happened to you with your other half ? Too often perhaps, so much so that it leads to nothing but a destructive ending. Apparently the truth should be told, at least an awareness be made to the male species. Here’s the story, my recent encounter with yet another baffled XY chromosome living organism.

He looks down at the table, trying to pull through a smile on his face. Such despair, such failure it seemed. He had tried so hard to please her and still it didn’t work. Finally he looks up at me and said, “I don’t understand women. Why do we constantly argue when I was only helping her with her problem?” That moment in time, I knew instantly what went wrong. The ultimate mistake men make when a woman bitches about her problem.

How to handle a bitch. Bitch, a verb not a noun, mind you.

“Do you listen to her when she tells you her troubles ? ” asked doubtfully my girlfriend seated next to me. The poor guy nods. I prompted further, “What else do you do besides listen?” “I analyze the problem and provide her with the best solution” he answered truthfully. My girlfriend and I shook our head. He looked at us, puzzled, “Why wrong ah ?”

“All you needed to do was, have her close to you. Hold her in your arms. Let her head lean on your shoulder. Stroke her hair and and not say a word. Just let her bitch. ” I said gesturing the action with my girlfriend. The poor chap in front of us dropped his jaw, as if it was his first time seeing two women hug each other. “In simple terms, just cuddle her” with that my girlfriend snaps her fingers at him. “That’s it ?” he said in disbelief. “She never asked for your advice or help did she ? ” I said defensively. “No” solemnly he answered back. “So, why you so big mouth offer your stupid advice ?” I teased him with content. Speechless he became. “Did she ask you to listen to her ?” my friend starting to get agitated. He nodded in guilt. “Did you listen to her? ” spatting the obvious to his face. I swear if there was a hole underneath the table, he would have crawled right into it.

In my opinion, handling emotion is not a man’s specialty. In fact, if you have a problem, never confide with a man. Men cannot empathize, its a task beyond their ability. Most often, in fact, all the time when a woman starts complaining about an issue, they are not seeking for a solution. They just need to let go the frustration and anger. Bitching is just an expressive avenue for women to relieve stress. Unless asked for advice by a woman, then only a man is permitted the token to speak his own mind, else just offer your strong arms. Its built for a reason, to cuddle a woman. As silly as the issue may seem, never ever belittle the issue, else you’re pretty much digging your own grave. Here’s the words of choices you may use when handling a bitch:

1. Is it ? That’s horrible. What happened after that? *Stroke hair*
2. And then ? *Sit closer to her*
3. Oh, my ! *Put her head on your shoulder*
4. She/He did not do that ! Poor you. *Hug her*
5. How can that be possible ? *Cuddle her*

A bitch is a bitch. Nothing more. Don’t be smart and solve problem. You only do that at work.