I was having lunch on a crisp Wednesday afternoon. As I chew on my asparagus, I remembered my high school biology teacher who once said that asparagus has all the fibres and its a great remedy for constipation. I have no idea why that thought came to me but it did that day. So, in the midst of my meal, I picked up my mobile and sent a “hello” text to my guru. Moments later, a reply came. It read ..

” It’s really nice to be remembered. Thank you very much. Life has been difficult for me. A rocky road ahead. My two sibblings are diognosed with cancer stage 3″

There I was, with a mouthful of rice and half nibbled green sticks, my jaw opened wide. I said “hello” and she thanked me, despite the sorrow she was going through. Her humble self brought me down to my knees. A flash back came rushing my veins.

It was early 2007, my friend and I decided to do a house visit with my Biology teacher. We knew it wasn’t convenient for her to go out as she has just recovered from cancer stage 2. The chemotherapy nearly drained the life out of her.

We arrived at her doorsteps with a basket of fruits. Pears, her favourite. China pears, to be precise. She greeted us with a tired smile and an exhausting look but yet her motherly figurine is still in her, I could see it from her eyes. We sat and chatted for almost 2 hours. Sharing bits of our life brought her laughter. Before we left, she held my hands, gave it a tight grip, looked into my eyes, “Thank you” her lips moved. My heart sank to the deepest ocean. The exact feeling that took me when I saw her sms. I do remember her.

Sometimes we get so busy with our own life, chasing our dreams, we forget. We forget whats really important.

I said “Hi”. How was your day ?