If you wake up in the morning
and it is raining, you feel all gloomy to start your day
Just remember how I love to play in the rain
and the glow on my face watching the raindrops

If you are stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work
and you feel lousy all over, dreading to go to work
Just remember God is granting you the time you asked for
so you can organize your thoughts
and perhaps catch a glimpse thinking of me

If you are too busy working
and have no time to eat your meals
Just remember a quick bite won’t take much of your time
and health is more important than work

If you are too tired to carry on
and need to rest
Just remember you can always lie on my shoulder
hopefully you’ll find strength to move on

If you find it difficult to share your thoughts with others
and just want time to be yourself
Just remember friends are around
whenever you need them

If whenever you feel empty
Just remember, I am smiling
Just because of you