Some people just have no level of tolerance and understanding. With the short span of 2 months this year, I am alarmed to discover the social illness of the society today. Captioned in 4 parts, here’s story Part 1.

I walked in hastily. The line wasn’t long at all as I expected it to be. For it is the festive season and everyone has a burning need to relief themselves after a long drive on the road. Surprisingly, the room with 5 cubicles weren’t emitting any foul pungent. Years ago, the cemented flooring will be wet and one would need to cover their mouth or the person will die intoxicated in contaminated air. So, Malaysians have learnt to keep the public toilet humane enough to walk in.

I was second in the queue and truth be told, it was an imperative joy to walk into a public toilet with a short line. Clutching my thighs tightly, I was in dying need to go. The woman came out in 2 seconds and she handed the small pail to the lady in line. The lady with gleaming white straight teeth, black eyes, shiny jet-black disheveled hair and a shapely mouth ran to the washing basin to collect water. I watched her in disbelief. Next to the cubicle was another skinny boned woman. She stood next to a big bucket. Held on her hand was a water hose. She was collecting water and apparently there’s no water in all the cubicles. One look at her, one could sense her unfriendly posture as her eyes shy away from any human contact. It was as if she has shut herself from the mortal world. Coldness was written all over her face. I tried to catch a glimpse with her. Nothing I did intrigue her to return a smile. Not even my super scissor leg stance. She wasn’t impressed at all.

Suddenly, out of no where I heard myself said “Kak, boleh pinjam hose ?” (Sister, may I borrow your hose?) She exploded with a stern, “No”. I went blank. Why? What has she got to lose by improvising 1 minute of her time for the convenience of others? I looked at her, speechless, trying to strike my vocal chords to vibrate once more, I could only dumbfoundedly come out with a “Why not?” She shook her head coldly.

Why do such people exist ? Makes you wonder why.