F1 fever is back !! The cars are all geared. The spectators are cheering. Wait a minute ? Am I at the right place ? Yes, it is the MINI exclusive sepang circuit race !

A truly memorable weekend for me. I arrived at Sepang circuit, tagged along myself in a Mini. Parked side by side … isn’t that an adorable sight?

Walking into the cockpit in Sepang circuit. There goes my first time .. my grand walk. The path was an eye opener. I witnessed the old and new Mini. Antique as it may seem, these mini can sure do a race !

Oblivious as I am to the world of mini, I stood by and stared at the minis urshered in after the race.

Lesson learnt on that day

  • Grrrooommmmm – this is the sound of a normal powered engine
  • Vroooooommmm – this is the sound of a TURBO powered engine

Moments after the antique minis completed their rounds, the new and stylish minis took their turns on the circuit. My jaw dropped, glowing in envy on the chic four wheels.

No idea who won the race tho.