Priced at RM99, Osim Electric Toothbrush is a darn expensive gadget to own. I got mine free as a thank you birthday gift, a token of appreciation from HSBC credit card. Now, if it wasn’t for free, this toothbrush is not that worthy at all. Strictly value for bargain material, for RM99, I would have spent it on other necessity things. Anyhow, free things are always good.

I first saw a 5 year old using an electric toothbrush early this year. That was the first time I had a close up look at the battery operated gadget. The electric toothbrush had a Princess Ariel figurine shaped as its toothbrush head. I was curious but didn’t want to prompt my friend’s daughter on her toothbrush. I silently watched her brush her teeth and wished I had an electric toothbrush. It’ll be so cool !

When I redeemed my free Osim Electric Toothbrush, I was most grateful. I examined the box that came with it. A simple, white box with Osim logo proudly labeled on it. I opened the packaged, battery not-included. I was dissapointed. I rushed to the nearest convenient store and bought 2 AA batteries. Thats all it needed, 2 AA batteries.

Got home and my set of whites had its first experience. My virgin teeth set, stroked by the electric strong brush. The machine vibrated in circling motion. Its head spinning, gracing the surface of my calcium structure. I was watching myself brush my teeth. It was 3pm. I was brushing my teeth in my toilet during mid day. Luckily no one was at home. Now, it was my first time, so I don’t know how other electric toothbrush would have behaved. There’s nothing to compare it with, except my vivid stalking experience with Princess Ariel electric toothbrush. The difference as I recalled, Princess Ariel’s toothbrush head wasn’t as aggressive as Osim Electric toothbrush. It wasn’t spinning as fast and the motion was different. Sure, all heads must be the same. It vibrates in circling motion, cleans your teeth and gums. Perhaps, I was just being fussy with my tool, it seemed mine was bigger, and better.

Now, if you have been to the dentist to have your set of teeth whiten, you maybe able to relate to this. A dentist uses a very similar head brush set like an electric toothbrush. As such, the battery operated machine I had seem to effortlessly perform the function I pay my dentist to do. An electric toothbrush has a precise angle to clean all the stubborn tartar and bits of leftover food stuck in between your teeth. So, again, here I am in my toilet, gazing at the rollers, brushing my teeth. Excellent view I must say. First benefit, you can witness all the yellow, sticky stuff come out from your mouth. One thing, however, I must warn new users, not to motion the electric toothbrush like how you normally handle a manual stick. You don’t need to move at all. Just hold firmly and its head will do everything. Stand straight, watch and enjoy.

On the downside, this toothbrush is not for sale anymore in Malaysian market. My guess is that, OSIM stopped the production as the demand for this gadget isn’t that fantastic. Replacing the toothbrush head will be a problem. I went to several OSIM store but my effort was to no avail. I have yet to try other brand of toothbrush head replacement, I’m sure the fitting must be compatible, else it’ll be such a pity to place the electric toothbrush in the closet.

I can’t complain much, the gadget was free. You can’t buy it anyway, not in Malaysia at least.