For years I’ve been killing trees. I’ve calculated my expenses last year and realised I’ve spent more than RM200 on greeting cards ! I love to send greeting cards by post. The adrenalin run to the post office, wondering if my cards will arrive in time is .. is ..indescribable ! Now, I have a word to define my slow post cravings ! It’s a waste of money.

Not only I’ve burnt a hole in my pocket, I find that half of the people I’ve sent greeting cards to aren’t appreciative ! There are a handful who takes the extra mile and thank me, of course. I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for beautiful cards ! I get captivated with the well, crafted wishes.

This year, I’ve found a solution to save me some money. My solution ? Simple. Send e-cards instead of sending a tree by post. I googled for e-card and came up in the list. The free 30-day trial membership to send unlimited eCards is very, very inviting. Wide selection of greeting cards with a touch of humour suits my style. What, I don’t humour you ? I can be funny. I am funny.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I think I can romance my partner with some funny romantic cards. Do you think my companion would appreciate the free, funny Valentine’s Day ?eCards

You reckon the cupid is cuter ?

I even found him the perfect Birthday card this year. No, good ? Help me pick a good one then.

I really like the thought of not queuing at the post office. Scheduled eCards to arrive on a specific date ! No more belated wishes ! I can plan everything in advance ! Ooo …so much to do and so many choices. No time to blog. I need to send out my Chinese New Year greeting cards !

NOTE: This is a sponsored post. Yearly subscription fees to is $13.99