The man in the blue attire arrived at the doorstop. I opened the door and welcomed him in humbly. He laid the wires and I eagerly fasten the cable into the pin. The beginning of broadband. I experienced 1MB of network freedom.

The arrival of my laptop and broadband into my life last year still flashes vividly in my memory. Out of touch with technology, Vista was my new toy. Conversation triggered endlessly with my friends as I explored the new functions and gadget with Microsoft’s pride and glory.

The journey with my lappie by far in these 6 months has been interesting. I plod on it dearly. Beaming with joy and excitement, I was introduced to the wonder of torrent. Little did I imagined I’ll be addicted to downloading the streams of files. Day after day, I stared blankly at the up/down speed, as if the packets of data spoke and whisper to me. Soon, the inevitable came, I ran out of diskspace. Venturing on burning DVD was another tale for me. Transferring files to partitioned hard disk was simple those days. Vista changed my perception.

14 days and 17 hours I waited to copy a 6GB of file. What a lie, I was deceived. Even machine built on logic and accuracy can’t tell you the truth. What more, humans with emotions.

I am running out of Space. Time is not on my side.