It is perplexing how profound life changes at the split second when a couple shares their “I do” vows. What astonishes me the most is, how one may view the sacred bond as an act of manipulation. Surely the urge to tie the knot is stronger for one person, but does that mean the partner is driven somewhat to say YES?

Let me put a simple case in point to further illustrate:

Girl: Darling, I think we need to go for a holiday. It’s been ages
we last went for one.

Guy: Sorry, honey I don’t think I can find
room to be away from work.

Girl: Please check your schedule. I’m sure you can find time for
me. I’ll double up a nice massage for you when we go off. How’s that ?

Guy: Sounds good to me. Let me try to squeeze in the holiday.

What are your thoughts ?

A. Gee, the guy is such a sucker to fall for that massage offer – he’s a puppet.
B. The girl is so sweet that she finds ways to reduce her boyfriend’s stress at work – she’s an angel.

If you have answered A, you have agreed that the girl has manipulated her ways to obtain what she wanted.

On the other hand, if B was your choice, I applaud you for being in the 10% minority group.

Many couples I believe often label one of the partner as being the manipulative one. It’s neither good to be the puppet nor the puppet master.

I beckon for you to think twice when in a relationship; you feel toyed or pushed to the corner to please your partner – please don’t feel shortchanged just because your friends tell you so.

Have I manipulated my words for your agreement ? Perhaps I did, else let’s agree to disagree.

The Art of Manipulation – I call it “COMPROMISE”