Everything happens for a reason. We are all connected. Each and everyone of us. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your actions will have a reaction to others and to your surroundings. The basic rule of Yin and Yang, Cause and Effect.

Whatever is not completed by human, nature will take its course. The picture above entitled Hurricane Tree, won Swedish photographer Jocke Bergland, The World In Our Hands prize at the Shell Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition. Partial of the structure was created by the forestry machinery used to retrieve logs. The remaining damage was caused from a storm. The bigger picture resulted to a giant oak tree. What does this picture mean to you ? To me, its a sign that we should control our logging activities. We can’t stop logging completely as we need clear land for development. However, how much free land do we need ? How much is too much ? Do we human, have the capacity to control our greed ? Can you forsaken wealth for the sake of our environment?

At times, my skepticism self puts its step forward and darkens the path ahead. At times, I sense hope diminishes slowly and all I see its the alley of darkness for mankind. In such times, I sit solemnly in my solitude hours and just believe. Believe in faith.

A random act of kindness can make a difference, no matter how small. Blog Action Day is yet another baby step. Hopefully this step will inspire mankind to be true to oneself, to be kind to the environment.

We have only one earth. Our children, our grandchildren will suffer the effect of the cause of our action today. Don’t wait until there’s no tomorrow.