Overhead, the moon slid behind the clouds. We arrived half past nine to Sunset Valley, Langkawi island. Under the pale moonlight, the resort bungalow glowed stunningly from afar. My eyes opened wide as I stepped out of the car. A closer look, the beauty of the shed took my breath away.

Forest House – my family stayed here

Greeted by the owners, the retired Dutch couple gave us a tour of the bungalow. Out on the patio was a long coach. The wooden flooring resembles a classic Malay home. The pattering feet of my nephews cracked the stillness of the night. Our presence invaded the home.

The Land House – Owner’s home

First stop was the kitchen. It was small but yet spacious enough to fit 3 persons in the alley. Equipped with a medium sized refrigerator, on the table stood a coffee machine. Next to it was the sink. The electric stove reminded me of a service apartment. I was very tempted to cook as the pots and pans were inviting my touch. Fiddling the tools in the kitchen, I suppose for a woman is a fascination. A doorway paved the layout of the kitchen. The door led to a private room, the bathroom. The showers had a clear glass fencing. As I walked into the bathroom, a quick glance at the see through solids, my mind started a fantasy. Before my thought wandered off, my ten year old nephew pulled my hands eagerly to continue the tour to the next room. My footsteps took me to the master bedroom. Petals of red roses laid on the bed. The pillows were puffed and laying on the soft coverings, I imagined it as soft as feathers. A large oak table was set in front of the bed. My hands were pulled again but my feet refused to obey the commands. I wanted so badly to lay my tired, aching body on the white sheets. The lure of the sandman wasn’t as strong as the manic pulled from the boyish ten year old. As soon as we arrived at the next room, I announced “boys, this will be our room.” Furnished with a 2 king sized bed, the outer frame was covered with mosquito netting. It looked so daunting yet enchanting.

Pavilion next to swimming pool

Excited with the air bed, a new flavour to my sleeping experience, my nephews and I jumped onto it. The bed wobbled. Wush … it went left and almost collapsed. Setting a bad example as an aunt, mother came in to see the commotion of noise. She walked in and gave me a stare. I realized I was no longer 16 years old and my so mature 19 year old nephew sat by the table, reading a book. How ridicule he made me looked. Too late for the strict, primp and proper aunt act to sit in, I rather be the fun aunt. Shrieking my voice, I ran out and tagged my little angel in bed. Trailing behind me, were two young boys. The thrilled of having young men literally chasing me, I ran as fast as I could.

Pool with jacuzzi

We arrived at the swimming pool. The lights in it reflected from the clear water. Three of us stood in awe. Nudging each other, the cheeky thirteen years old suggested, “Let’s go for a swim !” I looked at my watch and the hand was smiling 10:30pm. With much hesitation, I agreed. We swam and the water was warm to my coverings. The nigh ended rather late. The air bed was too much for comfort.

The land in the vicinity

The next morning, I was greeted by chirping birds in the hills and yellow paddy fields that overlooked the pavilion and pool. I sat in the small hut, with a book in my hand. The story unfolds and my quiet time was much appreciated.

The family holiday continues when we head off to ….