As I stepped into my office today, I was feeling quite alright with the mess. I knew I wouldn’t have suffered much lost as my premise was covered with insurance. Only the printer and my decade old desktop were stolen. The remaining of the day it was just hectic routine at the police station. I have imagined that the investigation with the police and insurance adjuster would be torturous. No, it wasn’t at all. In fact, my premise became a crime scene. It was CSI and I was there to witness the dusting of finger prints.

Soon the day was just dazed, everything was put back to its original location. I sat in my office. Alone. I glanced at my now empty desk, it looked bare. It then dawn upon me, what I have lost. For ten years, the monitor sat on the white plank, accompanied by two speakers seated beside it. A memory long forgotten of how this desktop came into my life. The joy it once brought to me, 10 years ago and one month back when my new laptop gave up on me. An item, so small, an insignificant object I’ve kept for so long. I have not taken my desktop for granted for I appreciated every key stroke I had with it, every minute I laughed with it while I chatted with my loved ones online.

Assembling the desktop with love and compassion with someone whom I knew, I was the world to. Money will never buy back my decade old desktop. I realised in its unspoken presence, it gave me strength, an assurance I never knew. It’s all gone now.

I started sobbing bitterly in my office. All alone.

Will anyone understand my pain ?