Mory sat quietly in the stillness of the room. She stares at the empty bed next to her. She couldn’t remember why she was sitting next to the bed. She stood up, looking for her husband, Geoff.

“Honey, where are you ? Come out, come out, wherever you are” Mory cried out.

A young well built gentleman then walked into the room. “Mother, what’s wrong?” asked John. Mory looked at the stranger, trying really hard to remember. Ah, yes … my son John, she recalls. “I can’t find your father. Where is he?” inquired Mory. John sat Mory down on the bed. John sighs and go through the daily ritual again. Mory burst out in tears. In her disbelief, Geoff is no longer here. He has been gone for 2 months.

How do you feel with the illustration above ? Sad ? If you feel nothing at all, I feel sorry for you, as you have not an ounce of compassion in your soul. The story relates very much to “50 first dates” only its the opposite extreme. Instead of falling in love for the umpteenth time, you find out losing a loved one everyday. How cruel life can be ?

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