2007 is almost to coming to an end.With two months left in the calendar, I shall bid yet another 365 days farewell. Having said that, year end reminds me of Christmas. Christmas reminds me of holiday.

A holiday bug has stung me, hard. My holiday spirit is stroking my pleasure bone. I am tasked with a plan. A trip planner. I slowly grow in greed as I surf my holiday options. The green eyed monster in me surfaces prominently. I could sense my fangs and horns poking its nasty way out. I hunger for my dream destination, New Zealand.

My blood rushes through me as the pictures unfold on my laptop. My list for things to do in Auckland is growing longer. Reading holiday travel plans from other bloggers gives me a deep insight. A thought that manifests itself into an obsession. So much to do but yet so little time. I can’t decide if I should allocate some time for some nightlife or just focus on outdoor activities.

In the midst of all the planning, I must say, I am excited. In the midst of all the options, I must say, I am confused. In the midst of all this, I must say, I will be broke.