Women in the 21st century are very independent. Some even declares that they don’t need a man in their life. Thus, such women end up being a spinster.

How is it possible that women these days have greater earning power compared to women in our mother’s generation ? Has education ruined the gentle woman inside us ? The answer is simple – It’s the man’s fault. Don’t shoot me as yet, allow me to detail further.

A housewife cooks and cleans daily for the family. She wakes up at 6 am, prepares breakfast for her children and husband. After the cooking, then there’s the cleaning to do. Washing, buying groceries to name a few household chores. There’s so much ordeal at home, she neglects her self beauty. Dressed in run down clothing, she greets her tired husband with a wholesome dinner.Unappreciated of the dinner, the husband loses his appetite seeing her once beautiful, lovely wife looking rather dull, the husband then freshens up, all geared up for some “bedxercise”. The exhausted wife is unable to satisfy the husband. The husband goes to bed, feeling lousy.

The routines continues for years. Then, one fine day, the husband meets an attractive, single working woman at work. Sparks are exchanged. Without realising, an affair begins. It gets worst, the affair is made known by the housewife. Husband leaves wife and children. Family is torn apart. Housewife is no longer a housewife. She learns the hard way to earn back her dignity and confidence. Without any working experience or any paper, housewife ventures the working world, pledging to build a better tomorrow for her children. She succeeds, finds a stable job. Earn a decent living. The “new woman” provides for her young daughter with education. Daughter learns that education is very important.

Ask any working mothers the story of why education is important, why women should not depend on men. You’ll probably get the above tale. So, why is it the man is at fault, that women are workaholics ?

Ask any independent working woman if their bf/husband is equally or more financially/career sound than herself? If the answer is “No”, there you have it. Women have to be independent because we can’t find any reliable men to depend on. In general, women are happy to stay indoors, quit their job and care for their family. Unfortunately, not every woman can find such man.