Create Facebook Fanpage Malaysia

How to do Internet Marketing via Facebook?

Facebook offers you a variety of tools that you can use to market products or services, as well as your business website more effectively. Facebook has over 62 million active subscribers from all over the world and the numbers are increasing daily. With such numbers, you’ll definitely generate a lot of traffic to your website. However, it is important to drive targetted traffic to your website from Facebook.

There are quite a few ways to market your products or services in Facebook. In Facebook Marketing, creating a fanpage for your product or services is a common way. In a fan page, you can setup a e-commerce portal, design an attractive fan page or use videos to promote your business.

Additionally, one can also do advertising in Facebook.

You’ll be able to purchase mass banner advertisement or pay per click (PPC) advertisement on Facebook. Similar to Google Pay Per Click (PPC) model, if you are unsure how to manage your advertisement campaign, you could potentially lose money.

You can also market your products, services and business website on the comments in Facebook. This particular tool works almost like a blog. When you write or post anything on the notes section, it’ll be sent out to all your friends’ news feeds, which can be read by other people. This is a great way to convey messages. However, if done improperly you may look like a spammer.

It is advisable to separate your personal profile with your business profile on Facebook. After all, would you like to mix business and pleasure together ?

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