"Want To Read The Winning Story For The 1.1.11 Millionaire Challenge With Robert G. Allen?"

An extraordinary and most transformational life changing experience journey in becoming an enlightened Millionaire  ...




From: Lai May Leng
Date: Monday, 7th February 2011

Dear Friend,

This is a true story.

Year 2010 I participated in a Millionaire Challenge with Robert G. Allen and Patric Chan. 5th February 2011, I was announced as the Malaysian winner.

It is a great privilege to share my millionaire journey with you for $10. 100% of the funds will be donated to Agel Care Foundation, a charity fund.



In The Winning Story, you will discover:

the journey on how to achieve a winner's attitude
how to build self confidence
how to overcome all self doubt
how to develop positive thinking skills
why is it essential to do personal development on a daily basis
efficient ways to conquer fear
how to make your own miracles
how to show your gratitude and end up having more abundance in your life
how to keep that positive attitude flowing
the secret to change the way you feel about everything in your life
how to stay motivated
how to love yourself and others around you
how to know if people you're dealing with are pessimists
what to do each time your mind produces a negative thought
how to believe in yourself and have faith

Here's a video snapshot of the journey


I understand that by purchasing the Winning Story:

- 100% of the funds will be donated to Agel Care
- the purchase funds is non-refundable
- I will receive the Winning Story ebook

All the best,

Lai May Leng

PS: You can just donate to charity even if you are not keen to read the Winning Story.