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He walks out of the bathroom, wearing his bathrobe wrapped around his muscular body. I could see the moist air coming out from the door. I gulp with anxiety. His footsteps brought him seated next to me in the bed. He lays down, turns around and gazes into my hazel eyes. By this time, I could hear a needle drop in my heart. I could hardly breathe. His long lean fingers reaches my face, brushes my long hair to the side, slowly, gently, he tucks my hair behind my ears.

He draws himself closer to me. He emanated the comforting feelings that he cared about my unspoken words. He then pressed his lips against mine. The warmth of his tongue flows through the vein in my body. I could feel myself floating, my soul separating from my body. His fingers clutched around my waist, and he pulls me nearer. Our body touched.

My thin layer of cotton top felt warm. The slit drops off my shoulder, exposing my naked skin. His tongue gently found his way to my neck. I gasped in tantalize desire. I felt an inkling sensation deep inside me. Ten minutes later, I realized I’m completely unclothed. I was overwhelmed with the bareness of my body. Conscious if I had the right curves at the right place, I tried to motion for the blanket. Reaching at the side with my arms, I stretched. It was then my thigh clutched ever so tightly.

The above extract was written 2 years ago. I never had the courage to publish it. Its a non-existent experience, only one I had it in my own words, in my own mind. Life for the couple of months have been explosive, a major transition in my life. So much so, I find no time to blog and yet words flow through my mind every hour, every minute, every breathe I take – I wish I could pen the words as I enjoy the constant pleasure.

His eyes sparkled and twinkled like a little boy when he spoke of the story. It was merely a naive question, “so how did you meet your wife”

The car accident connected us. A misfortune that changed his life. It’s been 12 years and he tells the tale as if it happened last month. I sat and listened contently. They were not strangers, just friends. The friendship blossomed into a beautiful bond.

They continued the bond despite the distance. Both went separate ways as they move on with their life journey. Yet, they kept in touch, a simple phone call every day/night. “All my money was spent on phone bills” he said. Even when he spoke, I knew if he had to do it all over again, he’ll spend that money on her. That’s love.

I envy her.

I don’t think I will ever live the day to have a long distance relationship. The emotion torment. How did they survived the years ? I am really puzzled.