Cheapest Web Hosting Malaysia

In the olden days of the Internet, domain name registration was handled by Network Solutions. However, after a while, the government decided that it wasn’t fair for one company to have sole control over the domain name market. Therefore, it opened up the business to web hosting companies.

Yet, what happens if they register with one web hosting company, but decide later they want it to be operated by another company? Fortunately, they can get their wish through the process of domain name transferring. This is when a webmaster gets another registrar to handle their domain name. All payments are forwarded to the new registrar, as the old registrar is no longer in the picture, (at least when it comes to the domain name).

The actual process involved with a domain name transfer will depend on the domain hosting company in Malaysia or abroad. For instance, if they charge a payment for domain name transfers, this fee must be received before anything can be done officially. Otherwise, the process begins as soon as a webmaster makes a request to do so. Once the registrar authorizes the domain name transfer, it will take 1 to 7 business days for the process to be completed.

Lai May Leng (001924344 – X) offers free web hosting in Malaysia and abroad. Typical website hosting will costs more than $8/month per domain.

Get a free web hosting for trial one month with your own user control panel (cpanel). Continue for only $10/monthly. To date, it is the cheapest web hosting in Malaysia.

Service includes
– unlimited diskspace
– unlimited bandwidth
– max 2 domains
– unlimited emails and ftp accounts