Colourful ribbons tied in piggy tail style. Abruptly stopped by the tall 12 year old prefect to remove the colours off my hair. I snotted unpleasantly while removing the bands. A distant laughter was heard …

Pretty much the memory of my first aquaintance with my best friend on the first day of school. The rest of the story unfolds itself throughout my life ..

Here’s a dedication to my best friend …Written 10 years ago, an updated version …

Friendship Between 2 Souls

20 years we’ve been together
Best friends, of course

From my heart
Thank you is all to you

You’ve been there for me
All the ups and downs

We’ve been though it all together
Some brings joy and some misery

We’ve cried, laughed over the same thing
Some struggles we’ve had

Solving it though we try
God been unfair, we know

But I thank God
For sending me a true best friend from Above

To guide me in this life
I know I’ve been mean

It’s hard to explain
Sorry seems to be the only word

Hoping I’m forgiven
Memories of joy

I’ll remain and treasure
Friendship Between Two Souls