Is it a Malaysian thing that we curse, grumble using our body parts ? Time has not changed since I remember my own schooling days. Cursing in vulgar language is a big no no. Your peers will frown to the distant sound of the unspoken syllabus. Funny, as you grow up, your senses will adapt to the obscenity, you learn to accept the nasty words and it becomes part of your norm. To speak with manners and to behave well is seen odd or weird to a certain extend.

I enjoy observing the conduct in classes. The behavior children of the 21st century adopt to. Have any of these words changed in time ?

1. Basket
2. Your head, ah
3. Fudge
4. Your back side la
5. My foot, ah
6. Opsie Daisy
7. Alamak
8. Oh, bodoh (stupid)
9. Aiyo, yo, yo, yo , yo
10. Oh, oh, ti tai yo ..

My favorite phrase is item # 10. It comes with a babyish melody. It’s sad to realize that, as we mature, we break from our innocence and how these cursing words evolve itself. Children learn vulgarity from adults. And our parents, our elderly thought us these words. Do you want this culture to be carried on to our youth ? Think about it each time you curse.