I woke up today

Waiting for the day to see you

After months we last kissed

I remember your sweet warm smile

Crazy girl I am I know


I don’t want to waste another moment for I know I only live once

I feel you burning inside my heart

Letting time past not letting you know how I truly feel

Watching you pass me by

Walk away from my life

It’s driving me insane

Wondering what to do with these mixed emotions


It’s been going long enough

No more tomorrow

This is the day

I give you my real me

For better or worst

This is just me

For I am only true

Don’t ask me why


Tomorrow I wake up

I know I will smile thinking back what I did

What I said

Don’t ask me why


I’ve been hiding

Now the truth is revealed

I feel relief and happy

For I’m coming home

Where I should be