2 hours transit time, that’s all I had in Los Angelos en route to Arizona. Patiently waiting for me at the arrival hall was 3¬†acquaintances I met early this year in May. 60 minutes to be precise the waiting time. I wasn’t sure if they would come since I was late, delayed with the immigration crowd.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with warm smiles and huge hugs. One, that felt like family. Inexplainable feeling, I could only describe that as moments in my life that I would cherish and remember for eternity. It was hectic, running from International arrival hall to domestic departure to my next check in.

The journey on the path way, few words were exchanged but the spoken thoughts were lined goldenly in our hearts. After checking in, we finally rested at the coffee house in the next building. Only to realize I had only 10 minutes to spare. Naturally, we spoke less and took more actions. Eating and snapping photos away, leaving trails of our brief airport encounter.

We parted at last with mutual joy and possibly a mutual desire of meeting again in the near future. The road is never too far to see a friend. Moments I know I have found friends for life. Thank you Rose, Marilou and Ben.