Monday, 27th November 2006

What did you do on that day ? Do you have any memory of it ? Perhaps some do, most can’t even recall what was eaten last night.

It was a cloudy day, like any regular day. A not so regular day for the young, kind hearted 16 years old boy. He was ushered into the operating room at 8:00 am and was wheeled out at 4pm. An exhilarating 8 hours of surgery with 20 surgeons. Only one doctor, one who removed the tumor, whilst 19 remaining healing hands stood by to observe the procedure. A rare procedure it seemed, removal of a tumor on the chest area very close to the shoulder bone.

The sky is clear now. The vibrant student of mine is recuperating in the hospital. Thank you for those who expressed concern for his well being. I’m moved with your sincere gestures.

Last but not the very least, the one that contributed the most, I believed is “Teddy”. “Teddy” sat silently and patiently day and night for the past week. Waiting for his owner to return back to his bed side and stroke him. Never underestimate the power and strength gained from morale support. It’s priceless.