I took the time to use the cleanser
to apply the toner
and to spread the moisturizer
so you could admire my face, so radiant and a little fairer

I scrub my back so it seem
and lather it with shower cream
and might I may take longer in the bath room
just so you can touch my soft, smooth skin so groomed

My handbag’s packed with lip balm
and clumsy I am searching for it so calm
I melt when you say as I lay in your arm
my lips so sweet and tender charm

Don’t call me vain when I spend hours in the salon
You know, I rather be with you alone
Don’t deny the sparkle in your eyes it cloned
When you watch me brush my long, shiny hair so toned

Don’t judge me as a typical woman
just so because I want to make you proud my man
standing next to you I lean
a beautiful lady you call your beauty queen