Every year, without fail I will have a some last minutes students year 6, Form 3 and Form 5 signing up at my tuition centre. I shan’t complain since its generating income to me.

What frustrates me is definitely not the sudden flow of money but the attitude of Malaysian youth.

What are the expectations of such youth attending classes 2 or 1 month before the major examinations ?

It has become a norm for me when a new student enroll in the subjects below, I perform an assessment.

Year 6 – Math, a timetable quiz
Year 6, Form 3 and 5 – English, sentence writing comprising of words such as eat, eats, ate, eating
Year 6, Form 3 and 5 – BM, free style essay writing with minimum words of 120

Sadly, most last minute intakes fail miserably during the assessment. So, where should I begin in my lesson? Should I teach or revise? Revision is of no use. That’s a fact.

I wish I have a magic pill for these students. They come and go like the wind.