“Beep ..Beep !!” my mobile screamed. I hit the number “8” button on the phone. 10 minutes snoozed by. “Beep .. Beep !! it cried again. Damn. How do I shut this bloody thing off. For crying out loud, it’s a Sunday. Why on earth is my alarm on ? Oh, silly me. I set it out myself the night before. I cursed my own actions. Stumble my way to assassinate the alarm. I went back to Lala land. “Ring ..Ring !” it shouted again. “Heeeelooo..” I answered grumpily. “Eh, any plans today wanna go karaoke?” the voice on the other line said. “Err… Ok.” I replied half asleep.

I hung up and looked at my hand phone. It was 11am. Finally got up, said my morning wishes to my companions in bed.

I arrived at the karaoke joint in Pyramid. Red Box was packed as usual. I’m not a good singer. In fact, I’m outha tune. I sang nevertheless to make my money’s worth. My enjoyment is to hear my friend’s sing. They sing well. It’s like a private mini concert. The songs all dedicated to me. No one else but me. Since I can’t sing, I hear and read the lyrics. You’ll be surprised to see how distasteful some MTVs are, especially the oldies song. I had a good laugh watching my friends’ eye balls roll outha of their face …seeing the women in the MTV.

Despite some odd tracks, I was impressed with a few Malay songs. Not truly Malaysian songs though, songs sang by Indonesian singers – bands like PeterPan. As the lyrics drift along the TV screens, my mind was playing with words. My creativity has no boundaries. I came out with this Malay piece.

Inilah kisahku
Seorang gadis muda
Penuh dengan impian murni
Harapan untuk mencari
Makna dalam kehidupan
Pasrah dan sengsara
Umbang-ambing dalam ombak gelora
Masih gian tak sampai lagi
Beginilah ceritaku

Not a lengthy piece. But that’ll do for now.